Nails are an unexpected way to express your sense of fashion and personality. No cosmetics brand understands that better than NCLA, a California-based company that’s influenced by influencers, the natural world, and love for all things beautiful. You can count on these formulas to be free of formaldehyde, dbp, toluene, formaldehyde resin, and camphor. All NCLA products are cruelty-free. After all, luxurious vegan-friendly products like these should be tested on actresses, not animals. Make no mistake: NCLA nails impress with effortless glamour and deliver high-quality products that run circles around the competition.

NCLA Nail Wraps

Maybe the best known part of the NCLA empire, these nail wraps are sleek, stylish, and self-adhesive. You only need a clear top coat, like the Hello, My Name Is Matte nail polish top coat to seal your super-thin fingernail wraps. You do not even need a heat lamp, and a specialty nail file is included in every set! We’re obsessed with the Here, Kitty Kitty nail wraps – and who wouldn’t be? This is leopard print nail art that will have you ‘feline’ frisky! NCLA nail stickers keep on top of fashion trends, which is evident in the funky Wallpaper Goals nail wraps. Palm trees and pastel pink will transport your hands to next-level tropic dimensions. Can’t afford pink marble kitchen counters? Check out the Rose Rock nail stickers for a flawless finish.

NCLA Nail Polish

Each NCLA nail lacquer is “7-Free” and designed to be long-lasting and high-shine. The company stands firm in its belief that toxins shouldn’t come anywhere near our body, so you can appreciate their eternally classic colors like the soft baby blue of Let’s Stay Forever, or the Barbie bubblegum pink that comes in a Is There Anything She Can’t Do vial? We love the unique take on the What’s Your Sign nail polish collection, with each Zodiac sign represented by wild colors like the fiery red of Scorpio or the deep blue of Virgo. If you’re looking for a subtle yet graceful nail color, why not pick one from the Nudes collection? There are plenty of reasons why the Volume IV – a stunning sand – was named the “Best Nude Nail Polish” by NYLON magazine. A slightly pinker version exists with the Volume II. Who doesn’t appreciate a light dusting of sparkle in their polish, anyway? For the out-of-this-world movers and shakers of the world, get your hands on holographic nail polish like Vacation On Mars. Depending on the light source, you’ve got a pale pink sparkle and nude prismatic shimmer at your fingertips.

Base Coats and Top Coats

Before you even start applying your finger nail polish, be sure to you make it to First Base to clean, dry nails. This base coat provides a phenomenal blank canvas for lacquer application, and keeps your favorite color from adhering to your nails – long after using nail polish remover. Speaking of nail polish remover, the Take It Off Remove Wipes are a fan favorite for a very good reason. These soy-based sheets allow you to take the color off of all 10 fingernails and then some. Instead of being formulated with acetone – which strips nails of their natural moisture – these individually-wrapped cloths actually strengthen them. It is kind of impossible not to grin at the NCLA gel polish name, Gelous?After applying two layers of your favorite nail lacquer, simply swipe a single layer of this gel-like formula to lock down your perfect manicure – all without the toxic chemicals or harmful UV rays that shellac manicures require. Don’t forget to apply your Protect Your Jewels hand cream twice daily for the softest hands anywhere. This shea butter and vitamin E-infused lotion not only cares for hands, but softens cuticles in even the coldest months of the year. NCLA has never underestimated the importance of an excellent cuticle oil. This is why they have developed their own line of vitamin E-enriched sunflower seed oil products that deeply nourish and lock in incredible hydration. Try the So Rich Dark Almond for a light, stunning scent or the Mermaid Tears, which is the perfect balance of honeysuckle and ocean breeze. Twice daily, be sure to apply your cuticle oil with the easy-use dropper, and massage lightly into cuticles and hands.