Mirenesse Cosmetics

Mirenesse was founded in order to balance holistic healing with the most advanced makeup technologies possible. As Australia’s top-selling online beauty products, these cruelty-free formulas have been thoroughly researched and developed to ensure gorgeous results. Packaged in eco-luxury cases, Mirenesse’s attention to detail has landed them on countless “Best of” lists – it’s not hard to see why! If you’re a woman who’s focused on quality organic ingredients and incredible results, you’ll love what this company “down under” is doing!

Mirenesse Lipstick and Lip Liner

For those who desire a lip plumper without the crazy chemicals or fillers, reach for the Velvet Lip Lift Moisture Plumping Gloss. Utilizing the natural power of micro-collagen, this Mirenesse lip gloss actually provides unbelievable shine and anti-aging protection simultaneously. Instead of buying a lipstick set, try the Two Tone Collagen Lip Bar. One lipstick, two complementary shades to show off an unreal ombre effect that creates the illusion of fuller lips. With creamy texture and deep pigmentation, each use infuses skin `with volume, hydration, and intense color.

How do we love Mirenesse lip liners? Let us count the ways! These vegan lip products offers supple moisture and super longwear – perfect for tracing a cupid’s bow or wearing under your favorite lip gloss. Loaded with raspberry seed oil and cocoa butter, this anti-feathering lip color set provides the perfect pout each and every time. Try the Natural Nudes or Crazy Coco set (which contains a gorgeous baby pink and plum lipstick shade).

Mirenesse Eye Makeup

Tired of natural eye liners that tug and pull on your eye’s sensitive skin? That’s all about to change with the 24hr Double Ended Liquid Eye Liner, that glides along the eyelid effortlessly. Whether you need a quick cat eye or dramatic evening look, the thick and thin applicator of this Mirenesse eyeliner allows for flexibility. Non-fading, non-smudging, and waterproof, this is the best liquid eyeliner that ticks all of your boxes.

The Mirenesse Secret Weapon Mascara was created without alcohol, mineral oil, fragrance, and eye-irritating preservatives. Ingredients like soothing coconut oil and strengthening bamboo extract are perfect for weak or thinning eyelashes, and the organic composition makes this a perfect hypoallergenic mascara for even the most sensitive eyes. Looking for more boom for your buck? The Supreme Mirenesse Secret Weapon 24hr Mascara provides all-day and all-night coverage that’s delicate enough to sleep in. Get falsie-level lashes with the best mascara anywhere! For the biggest doe-eyed look possible, reach for the Mirenesse Eyelash Curler. Made especially for stick-straight lashes, this battery powered, heated lash curler ensures that you get the right pressure each and every time.

For those on the full eyebrow bandwagon (and who isn’t?), the Mirenesse Brow Sculptor Pencil + Filling Gel is the ideal product for any makeup bag. Thin pencil and microfiber brow gel in one, anyone can fill and set their brows within seconds. No matter if you’ve got fair hair or super dark, this eyebrow product is for you!

Mirenesse Concealer and Foundation

Everyone has flaws, but not everyone has the best makeup primer at their fingertips. With the Tone Correcting 10 Collagen Primer, you can hide redness and blemishes (mint), balance discoloration (yellow), and erase dark circles and veins (peach). If you’re looking for an all-in-one face primer, blend all three for all-day coverage. Best of all, anti-aging protection is built into every compact.

Discovering the perfect liquid concealer can seem impossible when you’ve got sensitive or dry skin. The Touch On Cream Concealer penetrates skin with lasting hydration, and fills fine lines with even coverage. Top it off with a Mirenesse foundation like the Skin Clone Mineral Pressed Powder. This 4-in-1 matte product is loaded with good-for-skin ingredients that hydrate, renew, and zap deep wrinkles. With a creamy texture and a matte finish, your skin will look – and actually become – younger with this Mirenesse powder. The best concealer for brightening and anti-aging qualities anywhere, buy the Mirenesse Cushion Foundation. The formula is loaded with powerful peptides to tighten skin and protect with SPF 15. Use this environmentally friendly compact every day to get more beautiful skin – inside and out!

Mirenesse Hair Treatment

In addition to makeup products, Mirenesse also produces some of the best hair treatments on the market today. If dry, lifeless locks are getting you down, try the Thermal Wrap N Repair Hair Mask. This self-heating mask comes ready-to-use in a hair cap. After shampooing, place the treatment cap over damp hair and secure for anywhere from five to twenty minutes. Simply rinse and voila! Instantly gorgeous tresses!