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The rising popularity of makeup products and techniques has driven the demand for innovative and effective products. Amid all these choices, consumers these days now look for products that offer quality and affordability at the same time. In response to this overwhelming demand, Dermablend has created the best powder foundation and the best full coverage foundation for both face and body, as well as makeup and skincare products that you are sure to love. Today, Dermablend is the most popular makeup brand for camouflaging concealers and foundation.

History of Dermablend

Dermablend, founded in 1981, was started in direct response to the pressing need for quality camouflaging foundations and concealers. Unlike other makeup products whose production was driven solely by profit, Dermablend was made specifically to address the problems faced by consumers who were unimpressed and unconvinced with the quality of products of that time. Spearheaded by a dermatologist, the health requirements and smallest of demands of regular makeup consumers were heard and taken into consideration when creating Dermablend.

Dermablend is spurred on by its goal to empower men and women of all ethnicities and backgrounds. Initially, the brand was intended for use on burn or scarring victims, or patients whose skin were affected by diseases or skin conditions. For this reason, the composition of the product is made with precision and safety in mind for all users, showcased by products like its Smooth Liquid Camo Concealer and Leg and Body Cover Creme.

Because of its far-reaching vision, Dermablend is the market leader for men and women for all their camouflaging foundation and concealer needs, be it for legs, bodies, or faces.

Why You Should Use Dermablend

Dermablend was made with the consumer’s health in mind. All of the products of Dermablend, whether it be the Dermablend Smooth Indulgence Redness Concealer, Dermablend Solid Setting Powder, or Dermablend Quick-Fix Concealer, have been rigorously tested for allergies and are fragrance-free. And, because Dermablend products were made for consumers with sensitive skin like burn or scarring victims, the composition of Dermablend products is sensitive and gentle to all types of skin.

Most foundations and concealers on the market can be removed or erased easily, or they can look unnatural after a few hours in the sun. Dermablend’s products are made in response to these problems, and are smudge- and water-resistant. Unlike other foundations and concealers, it doesn’t wipe off, giving it an all-day wear feature.

All of Dermablend’s products, whether it be the Dermablend Cover Creme or Quick-Fix Body Full Coverage Foundation Stick, provide high coverage and a matte finish. Not only can redness and unwanted blemishes be covered up, but your skin will look poreless and natural, leaving a flawless and smooth complexion.

Many foundations and concealers offer high coverage, however, the problem is that they can suffocate your skin and clog your pores. If used daily, it can cause your skin more harm than good. The benefit to using Dermablend is that, unlike other competitors, clogged pores and suffocated skin aren’t an issue, especially when paired with products like the SkinPerfector Pigment Correcting Primer It’s no wonder why Dermablend cosmetics are the current market leader for camouflaging makeup.

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  • Dermablend - Blurring Mousse Camo Oil-Free Medium Coverage Foundation SPF 25


    Blurring Mousse Camo Oil-Free Medium Coverage Foundation SPF 25

    • product title: Blurring Mousse Camo Oil-Free Medium Coverage Foundation SPF 25
    • product-type: Cream Foundation
    • freedom: False
    • spf: 16-30
    • preference: Oil-Free
    • preference: Fragrance-Free
    • ingredients: Titanium Dioxide
    • ingredients: Dimethicone
    • ingredients: Glycerin
    • ingredients: Salicylic Acid
    • saleallowed: TRUE
    • local-sku: deblmocaoime
    • Brand Product Type: WHSL