Living Proof

In 2005, an unlikely combination of biotech scientists and renowned hair stylists came together to pioneer a first-of-its-kind haircare philosophy based in science. Our mission was to create inventive solutions designed to solve real-world hair problems.

Today, Living Proof is Science in Action, which means we’re at the forefront of scientific discovery, inventing and iterating on the latest innovations in haircare that deliver game-changing results for all types and textures.
More on Science in Action: Science is always evolving, and therefore, so are we. Staying ahead of the latest technological advances requires us to constantly raise the bar for ourselves and continually develop new products—and reformulate existing ones—to be even better than we believed possible.

We know how different and complex individual hair types can be, so we approach your hair challenges with ingenuity instead of developing a “one-size-fits-all” ingredient or formula. Living Proof formulas are bespoke-like solutions that are scientifically tailored to solve unique hair challenges—never to conceal them.‌

Likewise, we approach our product development the same way: We don’t follow trends, we develop category-changing technologies. Case in point: The #1-selling prestige dry shampoo*, Perfect hair Day™ Dry Shampoo. Unlike other dry shampoos on the market that simply load hair with powder, texture, and fragrance, ours is scientifically engineered to actually clean hair: First, it absorbs oil, sweat, and dirt and neutralizes odors, then effectively removes the newly activated powders, leaving virtually nothing behind.

Point being: Living Proof products are bioengineered and developed in the lab using a mix of natural and synthetic ingredients to ensure maximum efficacy, safety, and performance- all while remaining cruelty-free. ‌
What’s also super important? The fact that we never formulate with silicones, which are found in 87% of our competitors’ products.** While silicones may give hair immediate slip, shine, and smoothness, they have the opposite effect in the long run. Silicones are actually quite heavy, weighing the hair down, causing heavy buildup and dullness over time. And since they act like a veritable sealant, silicones may also prevent hydrating, health-boosting ingredients from penetrating your hair shaft. The result? A recurrent cycle of damage. ‌

Where we are.
156 global patents, 450+ formulas, 44 products, 100+ awards, and 16 years later, we continue to put research at the forefront of our formulations. Every single product is rigorously developed and tested at our in-house laboratories in Boston—not too far from our original home at MIT University.

By leading with science, we engineer breakthrough solutions for your real-world hair problems. ‌