The Tumelo Difference

Comfort seekers…that’s what we all are, right? And, one thing that robs us of comfort is being uncomfortable in our own skin due to dryness, itchiness, flaking or signs of aging. We become not only uncomfortable with how our skin feels, but also with it’s appearance.

Our products are designed for your ultimate comfort! The number one thing that sets our lotions apart from all others is our use of highly effective, bio-available, natural ingredients that truly absorb into the skin. Our products are formulated to penetrate the skin like no other lotions you’ve ever experienced. We believe there is no point in applying a skin care product if it will sit on the skin’s surface and not penetrate down into the deeper layers, where changes will become evident in your skin’s appearance and ultimate health.

Purity of Ingredients

Our nutrient-rich exclusive blend of soothing, therapeutic oils, pure plant extracts, antioxidants and essential fatty acids help repair and restore skin at a cellular level. Free of parabens, petroleum, GMOs, soy, and gluten, our Vegan products are never tested on animals and are developed using the safest available resources—from the latest scientific advances to botanical extracts used for centuries.

Unwavering Standards

Our commitment to producing the highest quality, effective products means we don’t take shortcuts. Speed to get a product to market has never been our goal. We have spent years thoughtfully and carefully formulating our products to be safe and effective. We will soon be introducing unparalleled solutions for a variety of other skin concerns, guided by our unwavering commitment to improving your skin’s health and comfort.

Faith & Belief

The meaning of Tumelo is “faith and belief”. We believe you will love our products. We have faith that you will see a tremendous change in your skin as a result of using our products. But please, don’t take our word for it. Experience for yourself, the Tumelo difference. We look forward to hearing about your results!
  • Tumelo - So Sensitive! Skin Lotion


    So Sensitive! Skin Lotion

    • product title: So Sensitive! Skin Lotion
    • product-type: Body Lotions
    • concern: Redness & Irritation
    • ingredients: Coconut Oil
    • ingredients: Dimethicone
    • ingredients: Glycerin
    • ingredients: Aloe Vera
    • preferences: Parabens-Free
    • preferences: Gluten-Free
    • preferences: Vegan-Friendly
    • preferences: Certified Cruelty-Free
    • Skin Type: Sensitive
    • Product Condition: new