Butter London


Butter London is a cheeky cosmetics brand that’s high on color and performance. Known for its high-quality nail products, the Butter London has also begun expanding into cosmetics territory. The best part? Unlike many nail polish companies, you’ll never find nasty chemicals like formaldehyde, DBP, Toluene, and parabens in any of their products.

Butter London Nail Polish

The ingenious “8-free” nail lacquers are always inspired by current trends coming out of fashion forward London. All Butter London nail lacquers offer long-lasting color infused with tried and tested vitamins like hydrolyzed silk and horsetail extract. These elements promote shinier, healthier, and stronger nails for a chip-resistant finish that lasts up to ten days.

One-stroke nail lacquers offer consistently gorgeous coverage each and every time, and the fast dry time allows you to get back to your day quickly and easily without worrying about your damaging your manicure. And with metallics, high-shine neutrals, deep berries, and every tone in between, you’re guaranteed to find a favorite shade.

Try Knackered for a stunning two-toned chrome manicure. Its microfine glitter adds a metallic sheen that will be sure to slay your nail competition on a night out. Or, if you’re looking for a neutral polish that’ll match everything, why not try Yummy Mummy, a deep taupe with flecks of rose gold? It looks gorgeous on every skin tone, and keeps nails healthy. What’s not to love?

Nail Treatments

Butter London has a wide variety of nail treatments that are sure to help peeling, brittle nails reach their full potential.

If you’re taking a break from using acrylics and gels, you’re probably dealing with white marks and brittle nail beds. Butter London’s Nail Tinted Moisturizer not only covers nail bed imperfections, but it utilizes keratin to strengthen and tea tree oil to reinvigorate. Get a radiant and sheer look for your nails without a base or a topcoat. It’s no wonder Butter London reviews are raving!

If you’re trying to build healthier nails while keeping them colorful, look no further than Butter London’s Horse Power Nail Rescue Basecoat. Plant-based horsetail extract and biotin seal in moisture and create a resilient nail bed. Once applied, simply continue with your regularly scheduled manicure for impeccable nails.

We can’t stop gushing about how much we love the Waterless Manicure Set. Water can compromise the length of an otherwise long-lasting manicure, and clipping cuticles can lead to ragged cuticles and even infection. This set includes the Butter London top coat, base coat, cuticle eliminator, and signature half-moon nail file and buffer for the ultimate nail treatment.

Cuticle Care

Maybe the weather or your job have been doing damage to your cuticles. The QuickFix Moisturizing Cuticle Balm will soothe and repair even the most ragged skin with its coconut and avocado oils, and the phospholipids contained within keep moisture locked in. All you need to do is apply a tiny amount of the balm to the built-in massager and watch the revitalization.

For those of us on the run, a quality nail polish doesn’t set fast enough. Simply add a couple spots of the P.D. Quick Dry Conditioning Drops to your still-wet manicure and let it evaporate. The dry oil serum will set the lacquer quickly, and you’ll be able to reach into your bag without chipping or smudging your nails.

Butter London Makeup

Though known for their nail products, The company has been making waves with their lipsticks, eyeliners, and revolutionary London Butter eye gloss!


Undoubtedly, the most famous Butter London lipstick line is Plush Rush, a collagen-stimulating lip creme that offers fuller lips with the very first application. Experience plump, moisturized lips with a single swipe in colors like the cocoa-mauve Buzzed or the bubble gum pink of Frisky. If lipsticks aren’t your thing, the Plush Rush line is also available in luxurious glosses. The tingling sensation lets you know that the collagen-boosting formula is working, while the high-shine formula leaves lips feeling more moisturized than before.


The intensity of incredibly pigmented Butter London Eye Pencils offer long-lasting wear with effortless application. Don’t be fooled by the soft brown of Twigged: not only is it easy to blend, but the waterproof pencil works with all eye colors for 24-hour wear. The rich and creamy Smoke Stick Duo makes blending matte shadows easier than ever. You can wear them in a simple cat’s eye, or a layered evening look by applying the shimmering highlighter to define and highlight.

Cap off your look with the fullest lashes imaginable by applying the Fitlash Volumizing Primer, which delivers up to 3x the lash volume. Plus, it’s chock full of wheat amino acids which make lashes soft and healthy. Follow up with the mascara of your choice, but we’d highly recommend the

Iconoclast Mega Volume Lacquer Mascara in Brilliant Black not only does it give users an added 300% boost in lash volume, but it lifts, conditions, and promotes lash growth.

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    Butter London

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