Many people don’t understand the difference between a deodorant and an antiperspirant. Deodorants allow us to sweat naturally, but blocks the odor-causing bacteria that makes us wrinkle our noses. Antiperspirant products, however, do their best to stop us from sweating altogether. Unfortunately, most of these products contain aluminum, a neurotoxin that has been linked to various illnesses including dementia and kidney problems.

Finding the right under-arm protection is necessary in our hectic lives. Luckily, Beauty Bridge carries a wide range of award-winning, aluminum-free deodorants that provide all-day protection and keep you smelling sweet.

Natural Deodorant


LaVanila deodorant has been tried, tested, and launched with its hard-working customers in mind. Loaded with essential oils, beta glucan, and natural antioxidants, these dermatologist-approved products are wholly aluminum-free, paraben-free, and created without any harmful, harsh chemicals. There’s a reason why laVanila is known as “the healthy deodorant”! Before switching over to natural deodorant, it’s important to prepare your underarm area with the right treatment. Essentially, your body has become accustomed to the chemicals in your deodorants and antiperspirants. By using The Healthy Underarm Detox Mask, build-up is eliminated, skin becomes smoother and noticeably lighter, and transition time is shortened dramatically. Next, you need to decide which deodorant scent is right for you. You can’t go wrong with the Award Winning Deo Duo Set, which includes the laVanila Pure Vanilla and Sport Luxe varieties, the latter of which handles the most extreme activities with ease. Can’t decide between products? A trio of best sellers from the Freshly Picked Mini Deodorant Trio includes effervescent grapefruit, refreshing vanilla lemon, and a heavenly lavender scent. Go for broke with the 7 Days of Deo Collection, which contains miniature versions of top-selling laVanila items like vanilla coconut, grapefruit, passion fruit, blackberry, and lavender.

Whish products are known for their delicious and natural bath and body products that are free of parabens, animal testing, and sulfates. The Whish Deodorant Gel is the best deodorant products which not only combats embarrassing odors, but also limits hair growth with the addition of chaparral extract. Giving the underarm area enough time between shaving and waxing sessions keeps skin softer and smoother. Organic chamomile and marigold extracts soothe aggravated skin, too. If you’re on the go, reach for any of the Whish deodorant brand products, including their Deodorant Swipes with Hair Inhibitor, which fit into any bag for a refreshing post-workout freshen up. Super sensitive skin? Not to worry, with Bioderma’s Sensibio Deo Freshness Deodorant, odors are neutralized and skin is super soothed – even after shaving or waxing sessions. No alcohol or aluminum salts: just pure roll-on coverage.

Le Couvent des Minimes products use only organic and natural botanicals to produce their unique bath and body products. With their roll-on Everyday Deodorant with Alum Stone, body odors are neutralized with citrus and rosemary essential oils. Developed with the most sensitive skin in mind, you’ll meet each day with refreshed skin. Deodorant marks are embarrassing and unsightly on clothing. A colorant-free formula is only one of the benefits of Dermalogica’s Environmental Control Deodorant, along with zero alcohol (which dries skin), and no artificial perfume whatsoever. Clove, eucalyptus, coriander, lemon, rosemary, and tea tree oils join forces to keep you cool and eliminate any unsightly aromas your natural deodorants may have left you with in the past. Don’t let the simple formula fool you, though: this is the best deodorant for women on the go.

Deodorant for Men

Whether you’re working hard in the office or the gym, the modern gentleman needs a natural deodorant that stands up to the most arduous of days, all day. Reach for the Anthony Alcohol Free Deodorant, which balances herbal and botanical extracts for a refreshing and refined scent. Basil, jasmine, vetiver, and sage deliver their unique aromas in an allergy-tested formula that lasts. Babor For Men Fresh & Dry Deodorant Stick provides alcohol-free body odor protection that has been designed with men’s skin needs in mind.

If you’re looking for wetness protection, the Jack Black Pit Boss Antiperspirant and Deodorant provides a light but masculine scent, and can take on the sweatiest situations with ease. Stop worrying about deodorant marks and pit stains, and start living your best life. The Jack Black Cool CTRL Natural Deodorant is aluminum-free, clinically-tested, and provides anti-bacterial ingredients like zinc salt to stop odors in their tracks. Even in the hottest of climates, you get the best antiperspirant protection. Safe for even the most sensitive skin, the tried-and-tested formula glides on with zero irritation or unpleasant stickiness.

Baxter of California Deodorant is the only deodorant the company offers, because it’s the only one that you need. The clear solid gel is totally free of aluminum and alcohol, yet disinfects and tones skin to eradicate the bacteria that causes uncomfortable smells. Tea tree and witch hazel oil disinfect, chamomile and yarrow extracts soothe irritated skin, and the citrus and herbal scent leaves a light yet unisex scent behind. With GQ and AskMen awards under their belts, this product can easily back up its claim as one of the best deodorants for men on the market today.