Londontown USA is a cruelty-free nail care and nail polish line that’s known to protect and nourish, rather than strip nails of their moisture and strength. Discover why celebrities and top magazines are reaching for the restorative powers of these nail colors, top coats, and nail polish removers are at the forefront of the beauty industry.

Nail Lacquers and Polishes

The playful, trendy colors that make up the Londontown lakur line are inspired by British gardens, “it” girls, and adorable Anglophile names. Their bold hues are imbued with natural botanical and mineral oil blends that fortify nails with a long-wear shine. You’ll love how quick-drying, smooth, and pigmented these colors are. We love Windsor Garden, a bright orange nail polish that provides super-saturated color with two thin layers. Mix and match with Summer Fling, a high voltage pink nail varnish that makes a bold statement. Want a gel-like sheen? Simply paint three coats of your Londontown nail polish instead of two! Millennial nail colors are all the rage and at your fingertips. Try Londontown Lakur’s Cheerio, a cheerful soft pink, or the perfectly understated teal of Water in My Wellies. Make a mistake? Not to worry: The Instant Smudge Fix can be used on any nail polish to smooth any chip or smear into a flawless finish. Use on wet or dry nail polish without needing to start over. If you’re in a rush – or simply don’t want to create any smudges – try the Accelerating Drying Oil. After applying your favorite polish color, all you need is two minutes and one drop per nail to seal in brilliant color.

Nail Care and Treatments

Acetone might work well to remove nail color, but it can also cause significantly damaged nails (peeling, breakage, brittleness) and cuticles. The Strengthening Lacquer Remover is the best acetone-free nail polish remover to strip lacquers and condition nails with rapeseed oil. All it takes is a cotton ball and 5 seconds! If you’re trying to repair damage done by gels – or have naturally dry, brittle nails – reach for the Regenerating Nail Serum. When used 2-3 times per day, this nail and cuticle oil utilizes natural botanicals like evening primrose oil, chamomile extract, and rapeseed oil to strengthen the hydrolipidic layer of the skin. This product also provides a protective barrier to nails and cuticles, whether you need protection from free radicals chemicals, or harsh weather. Recuperating from nail gels or shellac? You’re probably accustomed to imperfections like ridges and nicks which weaken the hold of your nail polish. After shaping and buffering your nails to get a smooth canvas, apply the Fortifying Ridge Filler alone or as a base coat to correct flaws with a perfect finish.

Need to strengthen weak nails? Go straight to the source of your issues with the Restorative Nail Cream, an incredible moisturizer created especially for users of acrylics and gels. Massage the quick absorbing combination of lavender oil, coconut oil, and cucumber extract into fingertips. For best results, use in tandem with the Nourishing Nail and Cuticle Oil, a strengthening conditioner that takes care of cracking, irritated cuticles and the surrounding area.

Base and Top Coats

When you get the perfect manicure, you want to extend the life of it. All Londontown USA products are formaldehyde-free, toluene-free, and DBP-free, which means safe and effective results! Start with bare nails and the Nail Hardener & Base Coat, which provides a smooth adhesive base for any of your Londontown Lakur nail polishes. If you’d prefer wearing this product on its own, apply every couple of days to keep nails healthy. After applying your favorite fingernail polish color, seal it with a Protective Topcoat that includes UV protection. Chip-resistant and ultra-smooth, wait up to 15 minutes to dry, and carry on with your day. Looking for gel nail polish that’s actually activated with sunlight? With the Gel Genius Top Coat, you’ll lock in high-performance color, all with the application of a normal top coat.

Nail Polish Sets

Can’t choose between nail polish colors? You don’t have to with the Just for You Mini Nail Polish Collection, which contains Pantone-worthy shades like cherry-red Lady Luck, periwinkle Amalfi Love, and peach-pink Out of Office. Reach for the Londontown Deluxe Gift Set which provides the Base Coat, Gel Genius Top Coat, Instant Smudge Fix, cuticle oil, nail cream, and a glass nail file, all in an adorable canvas zippered tote. Need to manage all of your manicure needs in one convenient set? With the Nail Treatment System Set, you’ll find the cuticle oil, top coat, base coat, nail cream, and the Strengthening Laquer Remover.