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Perfect Formula nail polish isn’t your typical strengthening nail treatment. Shari Gottesman has done it all. Heiress to the largest nail polish manufacturer, Cosmetic Coatings Corporation, she’s responsible for creating mood changing nail polish and developing some of the most iconic nail colors ever. As a regular user of acrylic nails, Gottesman realized that available nail treatments didn’t take care of the weakness and ridges caused by harsh polish removal. Therefore, after multiple tests and trials, Perfect Formula was released. Not only do nails grow healthier stronger, but damage caused by gels and acrylics is reversed. Try these as a fingernail polish or pedicure to beat back brittleness! Even better, all Perfect Formula nail gel is paraben-free, sulfate-free and phthalates-free.

My Favorite Topcoat is so incredibly well-suited to its name, with its wide range of benefits. Not only does this unbelievable product prevent yellow nails from occurring under harsh UV rays and heat, but it also protects your perfect manicure from chipping. Feel free to use this topcoat alone for an intense shine or to intensify and elongate any one of your favorite nail polish colors. For either full or sheer coverage, just swipe a swathe of Pink Gel Coat across your nails each week for instant nail strength. The delicate pastel coating not only strengthens nails with a keratin-infused formula, but it also takes yellowed nails out of the equation with its unique optical brightening formula. What’s left behind is a gorgeous, natural looking nail that can stand up to even the most arduous daily tasks. Dishes, gardening, childcare, you name it! Created especially for acrylic and gel users with unfortunate who often develop unsightly ridges and grooves after even just one or two uses. Literally anyone can have beautiful, strong nails! All you need to do is gently remove the product with your regular nail polish remover each week and reapply. Absolutely no scraping or soaking. How easy is that? The compliments you receive on your stunning nails will make you a true believer in Perfect Formula Pink Gel Coat.

The Ruby Pink Gel Coat is an exaggerated version of the Powder Pink, with optical brightener to optically draw out the half moons of nails and increase nail beds with an even deeper reddish tint. The luxurious formula seals in moisture and acts like a coat of translucent, shiny armor. Notice slight peeling? Simply apply an extra layer of paint to last you until the end of the week. One application gives a sheer illusion, while multiple layers intensifies with a lovely pop of color. Remove with your regular nail polish remover and reapply the perfect nail formula to protect your gorgeous, effortless French manicure for an entire week!

Get instant strength and protection that holds up against even the most strenuous tasks. The Perfect Formula Clear Gel Coat can revitalize even the weakest, most brittle nails with its protein-rich keratin formula.Use as a top coat to protect your natural nails and retain your favorite nail polish color for a week without touch-up, or on its own to showcase how healthy your nails have instantly become! In addition to being free of parabens, sulfates and phthalates, the Perfect Formula Gel Coat Color Collection does not contain synthetic fragrance or dyes, triclosan or toluene. To get the most for your Perfect Formula nails, a set is a much more economic purchase. With the Nail Essentials Collection, you’ll receive the Pink Gel Coat, Clear Gel Coat, My Favorite Topcoat, and Perfect Formula Daily Moisture, an easy regimen infused with Jojoba oil that keeps cuticles and nails extra hydrated. This is the easiest manicure treatment available with incredible results!

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