Babor is an international company that has several decades' worth of experience creating high-tech skin products that deliver results to both professionals and consumers. Since its beginnings, Babor has been dedicated to maintaining its reputation as one of the leading companies in the cosmetics industry. With a focus on sustainability and environmental responsibility, Babor is one skincare brand you can feel comfortable using.

If you haven't yet found a makeup and skincare line that caters to your complexion's specific needs and provides the rich color and effective ingredients you're looking for, it might be time to pick up several products from the Babor skincare and makeup collections from Beauty Bridge. With high-quality ingredients that are often naturally derived, the Babor brand is sure to have everything you need.

Whether you choose to invest in a cleansing regimen, a treatment system or a few makeup products to freshen up your face, Babor has many luxurious options to pick from. With a product range spanning from beauty fluids to men's products to sun care systems, the Babor skincare collection is always a good choice.

Using an ecologically and socially responsible approach to beauty and skincare, BABOR always aims to embody environmentally-friendly practices in the production and shipment of its products. Many of the ingredients involved in BABOR's lines are naturally derived, and the rest rely on the latest scientific technologies to provide effective, gentle results that are good for your skin.

Whether you're looking for a skin-quenching cleanser, ampoules, a luxuriously colorful eyeshadow, hydrating anti-aging creams or a unique skincare elixir, BABOR Cosmetics has everything you need. With lines like PURE, SeaCreation®, SKINOVAGE and DOCTOR BABOR, you won't have to struggle to find products that will enhance your natural complexion.

Babor brings you closer to your dream of having beautiful, healthy skin.

Beauty and perfection have never been as attainable as they are today. Cosmetic products have cropped up all over the world, seeking to address the demand for effective products that will improve beauty needs and achieve perfection.

While all of these products may be good in enhancing, correcting, concealing, and transforming one’s features, it is most effective if the canvas is healthy and smooth. That is the reason why maintaining smooth and healthy skin is necessary in the current world market.

Beauty Bridge believes that every person deserves amazing skin, which is why it wants help people access the best skin care products on the market. Among our highly recommended brands for skin care products is Babor by Dr. Babor.

Babor’s Vision and Philosophy
Babor was founded and created in Germany in 1956 by Dr. Michael Babor. Dr. Babor wanted both men and women to have access to the best skincare products. The result is a wide range of safe and effective products for your skin.

Over the last 60 years, Babor has made good on its promise of healthy, soft, and beautiful skin. It has produced formulations that are based on active ingredients, so you can be sure that your skin is radiant even before makeup touches it.

Babor offers a wide array of skin care and cosmetic products, making sure that there are products that address different needs including redness and sensitivity, anti-aging, skin clarifying, hydration, and eye care. Some of its bestsellers include the Daily Moisturizing Skin, Active Night Fluid, Hydra Plus Active Night Fluid, and Hy-Ol Cleansing Oil.

Babor is the Perfect Skin Care Brand for You
Babor has always been socially responsible when it comes to skincare and cosmetic products. It makes sure that all of its stages of production are environmentally-friendly and cruelty-free.

Babor remains at the forefront of the cosmetics industry, combining the use of traditional methods with cutting edge modern technology. All Babor products have been tested by its in-house science and research team to ensure that it achieves impressive results for ultimate consumer comfort.

Babor combines the finest materials in its products, like macadamia nut oil, champagne yeast extracts, and shea butter. Super skin-absorbent vitamins C, E, and A are also found in Babor products, which help to further optimize your skin’s health.

Skin care professionals from all over the globe recommend the use of Babor products which not only stimulate and enrich the skin, but work as added layers of skin protection from unhealthy elements in the environment.

Take Good Care of Your Skin with Babor from Beauty Bridge
Beauty Bridge is one of the leaders in cosmetic and skin care product retail, and the testimonials of thousands of satisfied customers are proof to the outstanding service Beauty Bridge provides. If you want to have access to the best skin care products on the market, look no further than Beauty Bridge.

BABOR products can only be shipped domestically.