Erasa XEP30

Biomimetic Laboratories Inc (The parent company of Erasa Brand)

Mission Statement

We are deeply committed to using cutting edge technologies with sustainable ingredients to push the boundaries of skincare and engineer molecules that can unlock the secrets of nature to help your skin look healthy and beautiful. We don’t just promise: With clinically proven results, we create a level of skincare unprecedented in the industry.

Founded on close R&D partnerships with academic and pharmaceutical discovery laboratories, BioMimetic Laboratories selects molecules from our partners’ libraries and refines the molecular properties of these actives to create potent, patented anti-aging cosmetic products.

Our first product Erasa XEP 30 meets this goal by taking the identical molecule found in the Cone Snail venom and reproducing it via modern scientific technology. This is XEP 30, which creates a new level of wrinkle removing power without depleting nature.

  • Erasa XEP30, uses the patented molecule XEP30, Only BioMimetic Laboratories has exclusive rights to this highly effective molecule.
  • Through the synergistic effects of neuropeptides, vitamins, anti-imflammatory, and collagen building materials, Erasa XEP30 is also able to:
    • Reduce deep frown & expression lines
    • Refine skin texture
    • Even skin tone
    • Boost firmness
  • Erasa represents the pinnacle of a total skincare solution, combining best-in-class anti-wrinkle technology with proprietary and patented actives that stimulate the skin’s natural power to rejuvenate

Biomimetics (bī-ō-mə-‘me-tiks): "The development of synthetic materials that mimic the structure and function of naturally occurring substances for the purpose of solving complex human problems while preserving nature.”