Dark Circles & Puffiness

The skin around your eyelids is one of the thinnest in your whole body, and the dark circles under the eye area are actually blood vessels underneath your skin. These blood vessels go through large veins, and since it is close to the skin’s surface, it produces a bluish tint. Although dark circles are inherited traits, you could also get them through fatigue, age, anemia, and allergies, among other reasons. When it comes to Dark Circles Under Eyes and Puffiness Treatment, Beauty Bridge has done the work for you! We have put together several selections that will work wonders to eliminate those dark circles and puffiness under your eyes. Top picks by our consumers include the Instant Firmx Eye Temporary Eye Tightener by Peter Thomas Roth, the Ultimate Concealer by Youngblood, Circle/Delet Under Eye Concealer, and Active Light Under-eye Concealer by Jane Iredale, and the Age Revers Eye Contour by Exuviance. Each of these products have their own unique way of erasing and concealing those fine lines, dark circles, and wrinkles while also giving a smooth and brightened look. Are you ready to boast your radiant look starting with your eyes?