You may have seen the Spatty makeup spatula on Shark Tank, where the CEO, Cheryl Rigdon, won the business experts over with a simply, award-winning pitch: Do you know that you waste about one-quarter of makeup when you throw cosmetic bottles away before they’re empty? If you’re tossing your luxury makeup brand bottles before getting out the last drops, you’re missing out. Stop wasting your money (as well as your favorite bath and body products) by utilizing your Spatty makeup tools. With the product that you can you save on just one bottle, the Spatty spatula pays for itself. Use every drop of your concealer, body lotion, and any other liquid cosmetic products that otherwise get thrown out.

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This incredibly innovative – yet absolutely practical – beauty tool can find a place in every single makeup bag. For shorter bottles, try the 6-Inch Cosmetic Spatty. The better deal, however, can be found when you buy the 6-Inch Cosmetic Spatty Set. Why not keep one spatula at home and one in your makeup bag at all times?

With flexible tips and multiple sizes, the Spatty makeup tool is designed to fit into every makeup container, moving around corners and curves effortlessly. When you need to wash your Spatty spatulas, all you need to do is throw them in the dishwasher. All Spatty products are made in the United States, are FDA-approved, food and skin safe, and totally BPA-free.

When our budget is tight, extending the life of our hair care and body products can be crucial. With the 12-inch Cosmetic Spatty, you’ll be able to get to the bottom of any jar or bottle! Need a shorter spatula for cosmetics and a longer one to reach the bottom of your body care products? Not a problem! We’ve got you sorted with the Spatty Cosmetic Tool Set that contains both the 6-inch and 12-inch spatulas. You deserve the best deal possible, and you’ll save big with these reusable makeup tools!