Do Kiss And Tell

Cosmetics company Do Kiss and Tell only has one product, but it’s such an extraordinary lip brush that you’ll totally see why it’s a bestseller. If you’ve ever experienced chapped, peeling lips, no amount of balms and glosses fix the problem. Your new favorite solution rests with routine exfoliation, thanks to the The Do Kiss and Tell LipScrub Brush.

Why Is Lip Exfoliation Important?

Just like any other part of our body, dead skin unavoidably builds up on the lips. This makes it impossible for healing balms to target problem areas. When you remove impurities and dry “hanger ons”, you minimize dark spots and soften skin, allowing balms to actually do their job. Some people swear that a dry toothbrush functions as a great exfoliation tool, but the bristles can cause further damage because nylon bristles are incredibly abrasive to tender skin.

That’s where the Do Kiss and Tell comes in. This is the best lip brush, and it’s not hard to see why. The first step is to dip the hex applicator brush in the exfoliant of your choice, applying the product across your lips in a circular manner. Some people prefer specific lip exfoliants, while others manage with a homemade lip scrub (we love combining extra virgin coconut oil and superfine sugar for a DIY scrub). Next, use the other side of this 3-in-1 brush to lightly scrub the top and bottom lips. Be sure to work along the cupid's bow and base of your bottom lip for a flawless canvas.

Not only does the Do Kiss and Tell exfoliating lip scrub brush eliminate flaking, but it also makes applying lip liners, stains, and lipsticks a cinch. No more frustrating touch-ups: Just a flawless smile each and every time. The first lip exfoliating brush of its kind is exactly what you need to keep your look flawless.


  • Do Kiss And Tell - The LipScrub Brush

    Do Kiss And Tell

    The LipScrub Brush

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