in Harmony Naturals

in Harmony Naturals is known for its commitment to vegan beauty products and cruelty-free skin care. High-quality essential oils are combined with minerals and plant botanics to ensure that even the most sensitive skin is cared for. There are gluten-free, wheat-free, cruelty-free, paraben-free, sulfate-free, and fragrance-free products that you can count on. Be beautiful, naturally!

in Harmony Organic Beauty Products

If you’re looking for the best lip balm for chapped lips (and who isn’t?), the in Harmony Naturals Lip Balm is a sure favorite. Full of earth-friendly ingredients like avocado butter and jojoba oil – and scented with therapeutic-grade essential oils – you’ll love how soft your lips will feel. The Vegan Lip Gloss will provide your pout with the perfect color, but these dyes are sourced from minerals (not synthetic pigments). Super-hydrating and incredibly flattering, you’ll love this shimmery product.

There’s simply no need to purchase sable brushes anymore – with the in Harmony Cruelty Free Makeup Brush, the taklon material prevents bacteria build-up and makes the world a better place. Made especially for vegan cosmetics and mineral makeup (like the in Harmony Naturals Mineral Foundation), you’ll only have to buy these makeup tools once! With a simple sweep of your favorite makeup products, you can create a wide variety of coverage with ease. You have four shades to choose from with your non-comedogenic Mineral Blush, which gives your cheeks a healthy, radiant glow without the stress of nasty chemicals.

Ready for a dramatic evening an everyday look? Whatever you choose, one of in Harmony’s Organic Mineral Eyeshadows will do the trick. Highly blendable when dry and super pigmented when applied wet, sensitive skin will love how soft and pure these natural eyeshadows are. If you’ve given up on using eyeliner due to allergies, try the Organic Mineral Eyeliner. It’s hard to beat this eyeliner pencil’s smooth application and long-wear formula.

in Harmony Natural Hair Care

When it comes to finding the best hair care products, look for brands that guarantee sulfate-free formulas. Not only will these extend the life of dyed hair, but they’re far gentler on the follicles. To start your day off with a tingling sensation, try the in Harmony Peppermint/Tea Tree Shampoo. Peppermint is a great hair treatment for thinning tresses and tea tree oil soothes the scalp to prevent dandruff and psoriasis outbreaks. For silky soft locks, follow up with the Peppermint/Tea Tree Conditioner, which is made up of aloe, rosehip oil, and other plant botanicals.

By using the company’s Lavender Essential Oil Shampoo, you’ll be able to fight inflammation, boost hair growth, and erase dandruff – all while smelling as fresh as a summer day. Soothe flyaways and repair damaged hair with the Lavender Conditioner.

Natural Skin Care

Most body lotions on the market use petroleum-based products. Not only do these substances block pores and skin from breathing, but they’re also quite possibly toxic. It’s even harder to find cruelty-free brands that shirk animal testing and animal by-products. That’s all about to change with the in Harmony Naturals Organic Hand & Body Lotion. Loaded with good-for-skin ingredients like organic coconut, sunflower, grapeseed, and sweet almond oil, you can safely use this moisturizer all over.

Slough off the winter blues (and dead skin cells) with the Lavender Natural Body Scrub. Infused with shea butter, jojoba, and healing meadowfoam seed, this sugar scrub is so hydrating that you may never have to use a post-shave moisturizer again. But if you do, reach for the Lavender Body Butter, brimming with ingredients like aloe, mango seed butter, and witch hazel. This shea body butter alleviates irritation while thoroughly treating even the most cracked skin.

in Harmony Natural Face Products

Our face is one of our best assets, so slathering it with harsh chemicals and fragrances is counterintuitive. When you use the in Harmony Organic Eye & Face Cream, your skin will be deeply hydrated and fine lines filled. Not only is this face care for dry skin, but it can also be used as a makeup remover. If it’s smaller pores that you’re after, the Organic Facial Moisturizer is replete with black willow bark extract (a natural exfoliant and complexion clearer) as well as rooibos extract, which fights skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis.

End every day with the in Harmony Organic Facial Cleanser, an ideal blend of organic plant oils and hardworking botanicals. You’ll not only fight the first signs of aging, but you’ll also sweep away impurities like makeup, oil, and pollution. You’ll love just how well this organic skin care product works!