Awakened Alchemy

Alchemy is a path of consciously directed personal evolution and self-transformation into an ever-improving version of yourself -- from ordinary to extraordinary. 

Awakened Alchemy was created with the purpose of making the highest quality nutritional supplements possible, in order to assist you in evolving your mind and body and improving yourself and your life.

Our first nutritional supplement was named "AWAKEN", because we believe it will help you to awaken to the possibilities of who you can become and what your life can be.  

By optimizing your neurochemistry your brain will become stronger and healthier and you will perform at a higher level. By increasing your neuroplasticity you can learn new skills and information more efficiently and rewire new thought patterns into your brain -- remaking yourself and your reality. Your brain is constantly rewiring itself and every day you create the person that you will be tomorrow. 

Over time you will begin to perceive reality differently, because you will see your world through the lens of a new mind. You will find yourself more engaged in your life, you will notice new opportunities, you will find new motivation to make positive changes in yourself and your life and you will discover an increased capacity to follow through.  

Little by little, day by day, you will grow. Over time these small changes become seismic shifts.

AWAKEN and DREAM focus on optimizing your mind, but when you change your mind everything else in your life follows. Limitless growth and remarkable self-transformation become possible. 

Our nutritional supplements will unlock new possibilities and serve as the catalyst that inspires you and assists you in your journey of self-actualization. 

THRIVE is our newest supplement and focuses on mitochondrial health and anti-aging. Health is wealth and the goal of this product is to maximize and extend vibrant health and well-being. 

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