Skone Cosmetics

Skone aims to empower ourselves and other women to celebrate what makes us uniquely beautiful with luxurious, high quality cosmetics. 

Our core principle has been the same since we began our journey in 2009. We are a cosmetic brand that believes we are all endowed with God-given beauty and we should own it. Skone is a company created by women, so we understand what women want, which is fabulous makeup that lasts all day in colors that complement our features.

All our creations, whether pigments, product or makeup tools are made with exceptional care using the best materials and embellished with our signature rose gold accents. Our team is continually developing new formulas and techniques to improve our already beloved products, such as our best-selling Insanely Tattooed Liquid Eyeliner and the Brow Wand eyebrow pencil.

Skone is a cruelty-free brand, which means we never test on animals. Our products are elegantly made and we pride ourselves on exceptional customer services. We love our customers and are determined to celebrate #SkoneGirls with everything we do.