Calluses are formed by your skin for protection from repeated pressure, friction, and irritation. But let’s face it, even if calluses are for protection your skin, they look and feel unpleasant. Your skin becomes rough and it gets thick due to the layers it produces. Deal with calluses using Beauty Bridge’s Callus Removal Products! Our list includes a whole lot of options to help repair your skin, leaving it moisturized, soothed, and protected. The most popular and bestselling products are Poor Soles Foot Moisture Stick, Totally Soaked Softening Foot Gel, Relief for Tattered Tootsies by Get Fresh, the Heel Repair by Exuviance, Calendula-Rosemary Anti-Callus-Salve by Kneipp, and the Soul Owner Exfoliating Foot Cream by Philosophy. You could also try the Knock Your Socks Off Deodorizing Foot Spray by Get Fresh, Easy Pack by Baby Foot, and Spearmint & Peppermint Sugar Butter Duo by Lucky Chick. With exclusive deals offered here at Beauty Bridge, you will always have a chance to purchase products that will help you repair damage on your skin!
  • Daiwa Felicity - Dream Feet - 1 pair

    Daiwa Felicity

    Dream Feet - 1 pair

    • product title: Dream Feet - 1 pair
    • product-type: Foot & Leg Treatments
    • concern: Callus
    • ingredients: Chamomile
    • ingredients: Lactic Acid
    • ingredients: Glycolic Acid
    • ingredients: Salicylic Acid
    • ingredients: Castor Oil
    • preference: Natural
    • local-sku: NDFE000003S00
    • Brand Product Type: DRSH