Lucky Thirteen Candle

Our Mission:

We offer handcrafted, high quality massage oil candles that will inspire you to get more in tune with your sense of touch!

About Our Candles:

Our candles include all natural ingredients, such as Shea Butter, Cocoa Butter, Soy Wax, Sweet Almond Oil and Fragrance Oils. We believe in being conscious of what you put in and on your body. Each ingredient is sourced here in America and then shipped from North Carolina. Our candles can help in restoring your mental balance, help you to relax, help you to sleep and help you to restore your mind, body and soul!

Why Lucky Thirteen Candle Company?

We know you can buy a candle practically anywhere, so we created Lucky Thirteen Candle Company for people whose love language may not be touch and are having a hard time connecting with their significant other. We want customers to have a fun experience with our candles. You'll be able to use the candles to fill the room with the aroma or set the mood for date night and use them as a massage oil.

How to Use Our Massage Candles:

It’s simple! Light your candle and wait until the candle melts. Allow the calming fragrance to fill the room. Once the candle has melted, blow out the flame. Test the temperature of the massage oil prior to applying to skin. Enjoy the moisture that your skin now has! Giving Back: A portion of our proceeds each month are donated to non-profit Women's Empowerment Organizations.

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