NO 9 Bask

For wearers of N o 9 Bask pheromone cologne, one thing – and one thing only – is important to them: Having only the best. To get the attention of the opposite sex, there’s no need for heady colognes or strong aftershaves. With one spray of these odorless pheromone perfumes, you’ll be able to captivate anyone that you so choose, discreetly and easily.

How Do Pheromones Work?

When sexually attracted to another person, it all typically comes right down to pheromones, a mysterious scent signal that’s transmitted from our sensitive noses to our hypothalamus. There, the right combination of smells are unraveled, giving us a mental picture of whether the man or woman near us is someone worthy of pursuit – or if they’re someone to pass on. This purely chemical communication has been replicated in pheromones that No. 9 Bask has spent years and years perfecting. You can put your trust in the company’s pure, concentrated sprays and colognes. These medical grade male and female pheromone products are engineered to be the best in the world, and we also stand by their quality. To prove their effectiveness (unlike their competitors) all N o 9 Bask products are delivered with a certificate of authenticity and an expiration date, ensuring that you receive only the finest products on the market.

Pheromone Spray for Him

What if a quick hug – or even a brief walk past someone in a bar – could result in all of the sexual interest and attention you’re looking for? This is more than possible with the 99 Percent Pure for Men Glass Bottle Spray: It’s highly likely! Look for the gold label to choose the most intense pheromone for nights out or everyday use. This is the only men’s fragrance that should come with a warning! Since it’s odorless, feel free to pair it with your favorite scent or aftershave. Men on the go will love the discreet (and effective) Pheromone No 9 for Men Portable Glass Spray (0.3 oz.). Distinguished as a men’s cologne with its black label, this is one of the best colognes to attract females, especially due to its pocket-sized glass bottle. If you’re looking to enchant imperceptibly, this is the pheromone spray for you. Each .3 oz-sized bottle provides 50 applications of head-turning allure. Oxytocin provides the ultimate molecular intrigue. An almost instant way to convince another person to trust you, all you need is to press down on the atomizer of the Masterpiece of Seduction for Men. Just wait until you make physical contact with them…be sure to check for the N o 9 Bask Blue Label for assurance.

Pheromone Perfume for Women

For women on the prowl, the strongest signal can be found in the N o 9 Red Label. It’s loaded with oxytocin – otherwise known as the “love drug” – a strong neurotransmitter produced by the human body when we’re in physical contact with a person we’re attracted to via hugs, kisses, and more. Oxytocin also plays a major role in human intimacy, which is why this is the best pheromone perfume for her. This true masterpiece of seduction provides more than two years of uses, which is a fantastic investment for any relationship or casual fling.

Unisex Colognes

When you choose the lavender label of the 99 Percent Pure Oxytocin Cologne Spray, you can count on it to work as the finest modern love potion. All you need is one light spray of this pheromone cologne, and it will last for up to 3 days on skin (and nearly a full week when spritzed on clothing). No one will be able to discover just what makes you so alluring. Feel free to pair this with your favorite eau de cologne or aftershave for a major boost of confidence.