Mustela Skincare for Mother and Babay

Since 1950, Mustela has provided a side range of bath and skincare products to expectant mothers, newborns, babies and children. The entire Mustela line is hypoallergenic, bio-friendly, paraben-free, and only includes biological ingredients. With babies’ skin developing through the age of two, we believe that one of the most important elements of welcoming a new child into this world involves caring for such sensitive skin, and encouraging it to develop with natural products. All Mustela products are designed to curtail the risk of allergic reactions, and are dermatologist- and pediatrician-tested.

For Mothers

Mustela products aren’t only for infants: mothers can enjoy a myriad of skin benefits, too! After giving birth, the body needs time to get back into its regular shape. With the Body Firming Gel, speed up the process! Knead and massage the water-based substance into stomach, hips and thighs to improve skin firmness and contouring, as well as to alleviate tightness. Entirely safe for breastfeeding mothers, and hypoallergenic for all mothers and babies. Add in the Mustela Stretch Marks Recovery Serum obliterate the appearance of unsightly stretch marks. The trademarked Elastoregulator® is an astounding combination of natural ingredients that work together to correct skin elasticity while visibly diminishing stretch mark lines. Before your pregnancy starts to show, start using the Stretch Marks Prevention Oil. With its light and natural fragrance and rich formula made from lupine seed oil, which allows skin to stretch without forming marks.

Mustela Baby Products

Lotions and Moisturizers

The Baby Oil will be your favorite natural moisturizer. Gentle enough to soothe newborns and babies to sleep, yet hard-working enough to hydrate adult skin. 99% of the 5-ingredient list are entirely derived from plants like avocado, sunflower seeds and pomegranate. Hydra-Stick with Cold Cream is a tremendous face cream that protects even the smallest lips and cheeks from the most inclement weather. Available in stick form, the substance applies easily and soothes with hydrating shea butter, coconut oil and beeswax. If your baby’s skin often shows signs of redness or chappedness, be sure to include the Nourishing Mustela Cold Cream into your daily moisturizing routine. Not only does the cold cream hydrate deep into multiple layers of skin, but it also delivers immediate relief from uncomfortable symptoms with a soothing layer of protection. In every bottle of Hydra Bebe Mustela Baby Lotion, you’ll find phenomenal moisture with a non-greasy texture. Jojoba oil, Vitamin E, sweet almond oil and avocado oil, your baby’s skin has never been smoother or more hydrated. Simply apply after bath time and enjoy this special time to bond with your little one.

Bath and Body

Mustela Foam Shampoo for Newborns has been specially-designed to care for the smallest, most sensitive infants with cradle cap. The pump dispenser assures one-handed use while bathing your child, and the 99% totally natural formula imperceptibly rinses away common – yet frustrating – scalp flaking. For older infants, the Gentle Mustela baby shampoo is a daily-use shampoo that utilizes the calming effect of chamomile and hydrating avocado oil. We know that your wee one will love bath time more, thanks to Mustela Bath Oil. Simply add one or two capfuls of the paraben-free and phthalate-free formula into warm bathwater and swirl. Sesame seed oil protects, chamomile relieves, and corn oil infuses skin with even more moisture. Safe for the smallest babies with the most sensitive skin.All Mustela soap is specially formulated for babies and children with dry skin, and the 2 in 1 Cleansing Gel is certainly no different. This Mustela baby wash is both a shampoo and body wash that gently lifts and rinses dirt and fine particles away. Bath time should be a bonding experience, and this is the best body wash to assure that baby and mother will be relaxed and calm throughout.

For infants with dry skin, the Mustela Cleansing Milk is an unbelievably rich cleanser balm that soothingly cleanses the body – especially the diaper area. Daily baths can sap skin of moisture, so be sure to use this product on the days between, or for a quick clean-up. Mustela wipes are incredibly thick, super soft and hard-working wipes designed especially for newborns and infants. With their easy-open and resealable container, one-handed diaper changes have never been easier. Diaper rash can occur at any time, so be prepared with the Diaper Rash Cream 1 2 3. Not only does this balm prevent and relieve the pain associated with diaper rash, but it also speeds up the recovery time. Zinc oxide ensures a layer of long-lasting comfort, and Oxeoline of Alcacea pacifies discomfort. After every diaper change, cleanse the skin properly and liberally use the balm for maximum protection. When your baby arrives, be sure to have the Newborn Arrival Gift Seton hand. With five natural skin care products like shampoo, cleansing gel, cleansing water, body lotion and diaper rash cream, you’ll have everything you need without leaving your home. Soothe and care for all of your baby’s dermatological needs.

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