Savvy Curls

Daily use of hair curling tools can wreak havoc on your tresses, and no one understands this better than Savvy Curls. Years of heat treatment and styling had damaged owner Tami Van de Veur’s hair. After trying every sponge hair roller on the market – and only getting kinky curls and a poor night’s sleep – she knew that something had to be done. The Savvy Curls design was born when she discovered thermal-retentive fabric that used your head’s natural heat to lock in beachy or red carpet-ready curls. Best of all, these super flexible headband curl makers are comfortable to wear while you sleep, cutting down your morning routine dramatically!

Pack away your hair curler: These are the best no-heat curlers you’ll find anywhere!

How Does the Savvy Curls Headband Work?

For women with fine, shoulder-length, and layered hair, the Single Savvy Curls Wrap works best. Apply a generous amount of mousse to dry hair, and brush in. While still workable, pull the headband over the crown of the head. Starting from the front, take one-inch sections of hair and loop them over the Savvy Curls wrap. Continue this process until you get to the back of your head, leaving the last section dangling. Begin the process from the other side, and wrap the final strands together, securing them in place with a bobby pin. Wear overnight or throughout the day until your hair sets, and voila! Instant waves!

If you have extremely long or super thick hair (or even want an extra level of curls), try the Savvy Curls Convertible Wrap. The unique shape of this product provides a more uniform, natural-looking appearance. To start, secure the hair on the crown of your head, and follow the instructions for the Single Savvy Curls Wrap. When you’ve finished the bottom layer, complete the process for the second layer in the exact same way. It only takes two minutes to create the most gorgeous curls, and 30 seconds to remove the wrap. Who knew that the best hair styling tools could also be the quickest? To care for your Savvy Curls headband, simply throw it in the washing machine on a cold cycle, then air dry or tumble dry on low.