Christian Iles Hair Care


Christian Iles’ unique, science-based products are fast achieving cult status with hair care devotees worldwide. His philosophy of healing the hair is challenging conventional hair care products and approaches to overall hair health.  Iles offers luxury hair care products to customers wanting to use natural ingredients and who care about their hair health. The products are all natural, cruelty free, with no animal testing,  and no slave labor is involved in the creation, manufacturing, and distribution. The ingredients are unique and specific to maintaining healthy, luxurious hair.

Each of Christian’s products is filled with an unstoppable passion to create the highest performance hair care products possible, with formulas that embrace the individuality and diversity of every consumer.
Christian is known in the beauty and fashion industry as “the beauty architect” widely renowned for his never failing ability to create the perfect hairstyle that perfectly reflects the individual.

“I pride myself on creating the most perfect style that reflects the individual beauty and the style of each client I work with. I hate cookie cutter, me-too haircuts. I go for individuality, style, class and elegance and of course, healthy hair”. CHRISTIAN ILES, THE BEAUTY ARCHITECT