pH3B Premium Beauty Brands

Vera O. Thomas is a 30-year veteran hairstylist, beauty educator, platform stylist and author in the professional beauty industry. After working internationally as a stylist/educator for major beauty brands, she noticed a decline in the health of people's hair-even her own. Vera experienced premature hair loss. Like her, more people had opted to cover up their hair…they had fallen out of love with their hair due to products that offered big promise but delivered very little results. Vera's passion for the beauty industry and love of healthy hair propelled her to develop products that would restore, rebuild and renew people's hair. pH3B Hair Care was born! Today pH3B Premium Brands offers a full array of multicultural products and systems that are loaded with natural, botanical and organic ingredients. Plus, they are backed by Vera’s research, development and personal testimony. Each product is named specifically by Vera based on its key performances and results. She continues to develop new and innovative products to meet the needs of people around the world.

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