Indigo Green

Whenever you purchase Indigo Green products, your troubled mind will discover its center to find calm and balance. Utilized for thousands of years to improve physical and psychological well-being, modern-day aromatherapy uses much of the same strategies and techniques.

Indigo Green’s therapeutic-grade essential oils were initially developed as a method for military families to work through their trauma. Today, their motto, “Trust your Intuition, Live in Harmony,” is more of a mantra. With these essential oils, their hope is to help you on your journey towards finding a better, stronger you.

Essential Oil Purposes

When searching for essential oils, be sure that they are safe for you to use (when in doubt, ask a doctor). Never apply essential oil combinations directly to skin. Instead, mix a few drops in a carrier oil (like coconut or argan oil) before using them topically. Many people use aromatherapy diffusers to fill their homes with a light scent of their choosing, while others simply apply a few drops into their baths.

Different oils obviously produce different results, so whether you’re looking to improve your energy, increase a sense of relaxation, or treat a skin condition, Indigo Green will help you on that journey.

Indigo Green Essential Oils

With Indigo Green oils, you’ll discover lesser-known – but still incredibly effective – aromatherapy products. Neroli oil may not be famous in the west yet, but its effects are impressive. Whether battling the effects of depression, fighting insomnia (thanks to its sedative qualities), improving a person’s sexual health, keeping bacterial and fungal infections at bay, or acting as a deodorant, the Neroli Essential Oil Blend is a wonder extract. With its sweet, spicy, and citrusy smell, it makes for a charming addition to many essential oil blends.

Famous the world over for the fine perfume products, Bulgarian rose oil provides a truly iconic scent. Fastidiously picked and distilled, the sole ingredient in the Bulgarian Rose Otto Essential Oil Blend is the richest, most layered rose aroma found anywhere. A wonderful addition to any dry skin treatment – thanks to its anti-inflammatory attributes – you’ll love how nourished your complexion will feel. There are so many reasons why roses are associated with love! Bulgarian rose oil is beloved for its aphrodisiac qualities and its ability to balance the heart chakra. If you’re holding onto negative energy – or are simply going through a difficult time – this is a fantastic way to help you on your journey.

Indigo Green Roll-on Blends

Another delightful citrus scent, the Tosa Konatsu Roll-On Blend is loaded with scent that falls somewhere between a yuzu and pomelo. Konatsu oil is known to boost circulation and fight mental and physical fatigue, and the smell balances well with a wide variety of other scents. Indigo Green chose to use baobab oil as a carrier oil, not only for its ability to moisturize even the driest, most sensitive skin, but to also treat skin conditions like psoriasis and eczema. At only 10ml, we recommend keeping this portable aromatherapy product in your bag or office for a quick afternoon pick-me-up.

In addition to being deliciously crunchy, lotus (otherwise known as Nelumbo nucifera) is a unique plant that’s only getting its due in the western world. In Asian cultures, the flower has long been regarded as symbolic of rebirth, beauty, and purity. You’ll notice that with increased use, your Lotus Roll-On Blend will moisturize skin, prevent acne and unsightly blemishes, and even fight the following: inflammation, fungal infections, excessive sweating, and high cholesterol. The lingering aroma of earthy, fruity undertones provides a stronger connection to the spiritual world.

If you’re overcoming a personal battle or motivating yourself to get that promotion, the Power Roll-On Blend is an unbelievable way to unleash your inner desires. By supplying your chakras with dynamic energy, you’ll have the ability to say ‘no’ to negativity and ‘yes’ to positive changes. Feel free to use this product whenever you need a boost of comfort and well-being, thanks to the use of clary sage, vanilla, sandalwood, neroli oil, and more.

In the modern world of immediate responses and constant bombardment, taking mini-breaks with the Happy Roll-On Blend will help you find – and keep – your bliss. Whether you’re a student during exam week or a mother who’s trying to fit everything in her schedule, this essential oil combination will have you back to your centered self. We love the bright citrus scents of yuzu and grapefruit combined with the spicy notes of holy basil and black pepper.