Indigo Green

About US

Hello there! Welcome to IndigoGreen, where bad memories are soothed to calmness, to bring peace and hopefulness to a troubled mind. The world of aromatherapy is vast, yet only a few scoops off the top of its existence is brought to light.

At IndigoGreen, we stand differently and dig into the depths of aromatherapy to bring to you, a range of potent essential oils and aromatherapy jewelry that are most at times, left at the backstage. We walk down the road less trodden, and we do everything possible to ensure that when we walk back up, we bring the best of the less explored for the full benefits of our customers.

Taking a step into the confines of aromatherapy is a decision that was spurred from the happenings in my immediate environment – a military base. And also, from the experiences I had while I traveled and lived in different parts of the world. My husband has been in the military for 19 years and has had some experiences that troubled his mind quite often, leading him into anxiety, restlessness, and insomnia. When he gets to sleep, nightmares wouldn’t let him. This situation put us in a corner where we had to try various medications, which unfortunately did not work. In a quest for a solution, I dabbled in trying a blend of essential oils, and this was an immediate success! So, I shared it with a few friends in my neighborhood, whose support and love for it inspired me to research and do more.

Upon further research, I came upon hundreds of oils that have been neglected by those who have long been in the business; for some reasons, those held my interest the most. I tried as many blends as I could (I still keep trying), noted the most potent of them all, and started producing in little batches for public consumption. Since then, the goal has been focused on one direction: to produce unique blends of lesser known oils for military men who are still within the clutches of such anxiety and other psychological troubles my husband passed through. I hope to bring joy and warmth to their families through a variety of essential oils and aromatherapy jewelry. Of course, this does not imply that Indigo Green is not open to other persons; as we intend to have a global reach that will to a great extent, improve the health and wellness of all. The virtues of IndigoGreen are embedded in its name, portraying the ideals of the basis of successful aromatherapy “Trust your Intuition, Live in Harmony,” coined from Indigo – intuition – and Green indicating peace and harmony.

Our jewelry collection is founded on research and extensive knowledge of the seven chakras, concerning aromatherapy. Indigo Green as an entity stands only to associate itself with quality and customer satisfaction at all times, a promise that is rooted in all our products, as we take all necessary precautions to ensure that all instituted health standards are met. Send a mail to for special requests, suggestions and complaints.