Glossy Pops

We love the crazy-awesome makeup trends coming out of cities like Tokyo and Los Angeles, and Glossy Pops is definitely not any different. Their lip gloss containers are shaped like lollipops to amp up your Lolita makeup look with a perfect pout of sweetness. Each Glossy Pop can be flipped open to provide their exclusive lip balm formula, and the handle itself becomes a lip gloss wand for the best lip gloss you’ll find anywhere. In stunning flavors and limited edition packaging that stick to all of the current makeup trends, you’ll start craving candy all day, every day!

Open the Think Pink Grapefruit for your new favorite pink lip gloss. The refreshing scent of citrus – combined with the vegan formula that’s free of sulfates and phthalates – will keep you motivated to look your best throughout the day. After applying the lollipop gloss, unscrew the handle for a pop of holographic glimmer. Need a tropical vay-cay in your pocket? Reach for the Caribbean Coconut clear lip gloss, which provides a super-light neon green shimmer and gorgeous scent. Transport yourself to the islands whenever you need an escape! We can’t stop smiling about the adorably-named Resting Peach Face flavored lip gloss and balm combo. Complete with the invigorating scent of Georgia’s favorite fruit, you’ll be protecting your lips and looking stunning with daily use of your favorite new lip gloss brand!

Who doesn’t love the bright lights and excitement of a carnival? Try the adorably decorated Lollipop in Lights, which was inspired by the dazzling neon and flashing pictures of Times Square. The rhinestones and lollipop charm are the icing on the cake, and we guarantee that you’ll be asked about your favorite new makeup craze! Speaking of trends, have you jumped on the unicorn cosmetics train yet? Glossy Pops is always one step ahead of the industry, as evidenced by I Believe in Unicorns. This blue lip gloss provides moisture, shine, and glitter with every use. The adorable charm and pastel rhinestones simply add the perfect finishing touch!