Monette Naturals

Monette Naturals is a beauty and wellness lifestyle brand. We deliver a natural approach to caring for and nourishing skin, committed to plant-based solutions. As bath and body wellness artisans, we focus on providing products that not only compliments one's beauty but also supports a wellness lifestyle, using pure therapeutic grade essential oils and natural ingredients. Founder Sabrina Childs was inspired by needing a healthier bath and body alternative due to her family's sensitive skin and her breakouts caused from occasional anxiety. Therefore, she merged her natural skincare solutions with wellness, collaborated with natural holistic healers, studied aromatherapy and developed a passion for beauty and wellness. With beginnings in farmer markets, she sourced many herbs locally and continue in good relations with many local sources for natural ingredients. For mindful individuals with busy lives; in college, working with young families, self-employed or 'always on the go', our products are a natural boost. Our main goal is to continue making wellness bath and body products conveniently available, while promoting self-care rituals and routines. We are supporters of community and global wellness initiatives for humans and animals, sponsoring several events each year.

On Beauty Bridge we offer our Body Scrubs and Body Butters

Monette Naturals Body Scrubs: On the first swipe across your skin, you will feel the difference using our body scrubs with all fresh organic ingredients. They include wholesome and natural ingredients from fruits, plants, trees, salts, butters and oils. Our body scrubs are 100% free of harsh chemicals and will effectively cleanse, exfoliate and moisturize.

Monette Naturals Body Butters: Our body butters are designed to be longer lasting than a lotion or cream and idea for adding moisture and healing, especially to dry areas of your body such as hands or feet. Our body butters are known to be used from head to toe or as a spot treatment due to its thicker consistency, nourishing ingredients and ability to lock in moisture. Pure therapeutic grade essential oils are key ingredients to boost your overall skin health and wellness.