Monette Naturals

When it comes to natural skin care, Monette Naturals is a lifestyle brand that you can depend on. Whether you suffer from irregular skin or are searching for a dry skin treatment that truly works, these bath and body products provide ample nutrition from carefully-curated plant botanicals and butters, as well as the highest-grade essential oils on the market. Monette Naturals products were created compliment and amplify a person’s natural beauty. Founder Sabrina Childs started the brand after searching for organic skin care that cared for her family’s skin sensitivities and breakouts. For those who are seeking holistic self-care with aromatherapeutic properties, Monette Naturals skin care products are a wonderful choice.

Sugar Body Scrubs

Many body exfoliators on the market contain harsh ingredients like crushed walnuts, unnatural chemicals, detergents, and perfumes. When the stratum corneum (otherwise known as the skin’s natural moisture barrier) is disrupted, it can cause cracking, flaking, and even infection. If you continue to use these scrubs regularly, these chemicals can move deeper into epidermal layers, causing strong reactions. This “body polishing” wreaks havoc on skin, and can create more problems like redness, dullness, and dryness. The best body scrub, however, gently sloughs off dead skin while nourishing the complexion beneath. And even though you may see DIY body scrub recipes online, we cannot express how amazing the professional ones from Monette Naturals are.

When it comes to finding a natural body scrub like Monette Naturals, the label tells you almost everything you need to know. 100% free of parabens, petroleum, sulfates, artificial ingredients, and perfumes, you’re holding an organic skin care product in your hands. Firstly, pulverized, organic cane sugar is used as an exfoliant to lightly remove dead skin. In the Mango Orange Body Scrub, mango and orange alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs) help to regenerate healthy skin cells. Meanwhile, natural moisturizers like sesame, jojoba, and grapeseed oils leave skin soft and supple.

Tired of acne scars and blotchy skin? Lavender is a natural ingredient that’s been known to rectify a wide variety of epidermal conditions. Use the Monette Lavender Body Scrub in the shower a few times a week to reveal brighter, healthier skin! If skin treatments haven’t worked – or you’re frustrated with sensitive skin conditions like eczema and rosacea – the Monette Tea Tree Body Scrub is a wonderful choice. Therapeutic grade melaleuca (tea tree) essential oil has been used for millennia to combat itchiness and discomfort. Using rich argan oil infuses skin with the necessary moisture it needs to routine dryness, but it also means that there’s zero greasy residue.

Monette Naturals Body Butter

Why do we love Monette Body Butter so much? The thicker consistency lasts much longer than any body lotion, and are ideal for combatting winter dryness. Due to their natural composition – and development for sensitive skin – these body butters can be used from head to toe, especially the hands and feet. Remember: A little goes a long way, which makes this moisturizer an excellent investment. It’s hardy enough to be used on rough elbow patches, yet gentle enough for daily use on the face.

Why not follow your Tea Tree Body Scrub with the Tea Tree Body Butter? This luxurious, natural body butter effortlessly moisturizes and protects the most dehydrated skin in the most inclement weather. Developed especially for problematic skin issues like acne and psoriasis. Follow your Tea Tree Body Scrub with the Tea Tree Body Butter, a luxurious, natural body butter that effortlessly moisturizes even the most dehydrated skin, you’ll love having clearer skin with daily use of this bacteria-fighting product.

For thousands of years, frankincense and myrrh have been a standard in natural skin care, and Monette Naturals created their own Frankincense and Myrrh Body Butter to pay homage to Frankincense is a known astringent, which means that it shrinks pores, fights wrinkles, tightens aging skin, and it even protects against free radicals. There are few substances that can compare to the wondrous healing powers of myrrh. Incredibly high in antioxidants (which combat free radical damage), this plant extract improves skin regeneration and acts as an antiseptic. Say ‘goodbye’ to itchy, red skin with daily use of this shea body butter.

Looking for a tropical vacation from humdrum winter weather? Reach for the Coconut Body Butter. Famous for its soft scent and ability to moisturize without clogging (and even shrinking!) pores, virgin coconut oil is the perfect addition to the Monette Naturals product line. Keep your skin soft and healthy with regular use of the best body moisturizer.

Monette Naturals is a beauty and wellness lifestyle brand. We deliver a natural approach to caring for and nourishing skin, committed to plant-based solutions. As bath and body wellness artisans, we focus on providing products that not only compliments one's beauty but also supports a wellness lifestyle, using pure therapeutic grade essential oils and natural ingredients. Founder Sabrina Childs was inspired by needing a healthier bath and body alternative due to her family's sensitive skin and her breakouts caused from occasional anxiety. Therefore, she merged her natural skincare solutions with wellness, collaborated with natural holistic healers, studied aromatherapy and developed a passion for beauty and wellness. With beginnings in farmer markets, she sourced many herbs locally and continue in good relations with many local sources for natural ingredients. For mindful individuals with busy lives; in college, working with young families, self-employed or 'always on the go', our products are a natural boost. Our main goal is to continue making wellness bath and body products conveniently available, while promoting self-care rituals and routines. We are supporters of community and global wellness initiatives for humans and animals, sponsoring several events each year.

On Beauty Bridge we offer our Body Scrubs and Body Butters

Monette Naturals Body Scrubs: On the first swipe across your skin, you will feel the difference using our body scrubs with all fresh organic ingredients. They include wholesome and natural ingredients from fruits, plants, trees, salts, butters and oils. Our body scrubs are 100% free of harsh chemicals and will effectively cleanse, exfoliate and moisturize.

Monette Naturals Body Butters: Our body butters are designed to be longer lasting than a lotion or cream and idea for adding moisture and healing, especially to dry areas of your body such as hands or feet. Our body butters are known to be used from head to toe or as a spot treatment due to its thicker consistency, nourishing ingredients and ability to lock in moisture. Pure therapeutic grade essential oils are key ingredients to boost your overall skin health and wellness.