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For The Makeup Enthusiasts! 

Take Two Cosmetics was created when our founder and fellow makeup enthusiast, Anisah, was constantly in a love-hate relationship with glitter! She found it difficult to find the perfect glitter texture from big brands, which were either far too dry and irritating on the eyes or glitter soaked in gel.

She just knew there had to be another solution for this and after months of testing formulas, Anisah had made the perfect pressed glitter eyeshadow that would last all day and night without the need of glue/primer! It was revolutionary and social media went crazy! 

After our glitter formula went viral, we branched out into different products that we could improve on in the market all whilst being mindful of our customers needs and wants! 

We are constantly aware of the ongoing struggle in the beauty world for brands to cater to all skin tones. Take Two Cosmetics aims to break through the skin colour barrier by always providing a range of colours in our complexion-based products, such as our highlighters and lip products! 

We are game changers.

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