Alkaglam owner and founder Michelle Vidal was an acne sufferer for most of her life. Like many dermatology patients, she never found an acne treatment that satisfactorily provided clear skin without any negative side effects like peeling or redness. She found her inspiration in a surprising location: her father’s water filtration company. Frustrated by her lack of options elsewhere, she began researching the restorative properties of water found in Lourdes, France.

The science sounded unlikely to her at first, but many scientists were adamant that water sourced in Lourdes had a higher concentration of activated hydrogen. They also believed that this hydrogen and other mineral content helped to heal skin cells damaged by oxidation and free radicals.

Though skeptical, Vidal and her father developed a sink attachment that provided water with the same mineral composition as the water found in Lourdes. Within a month, her acne started to disappear, and she knew she had a phenomenal product on her hands.

Alkaglam Face Mist

After testing the contents of her facial mist, Vidal discovered that the mineral properties had diminished dramatically. Undeterred, she used her knowledge of Japanese and French skin care routines to develop the Mineral Facial Mist with Vitamin C, a product that combines the right proportion of crystals, minerals, and vitamin C-infused ceramic. With just a few sprays throughout the day, women and men will feel (and look) reenergized. Unlike other brands, this one-of-a-kind, patented vegan skin care routine allows users to refill the bottle with filtered water when it runs low. This saves an incredible amount of money and is a fantastic, sustainable beauty product.

Once the water blends with the minerals (like magnesium, calcium, and tourmaline) within the bottle, it instantly transforms into a liquid that tightens, hydrates, and refreshes skin. Tourmaline is especially effective at providing a warming sensation that helps to boost collagen production. Use it to set makeup and protect against harmful UV rays, too.

Don’t just take our word for it: Since these natural face products hit the shelves, Alkaglam’s benefits have been noticed by the indie beauty market, and Allure Magazine has raved about its natural skin care benefits.

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