St. Tropez

Just because you use self-tanner doesn’t mean that you have to look like an Oompa Loompa.  With so many options, you can polish and perfect your skin and still look natural.  St. Tropez has so many flexible products to accentuate your skin for a fun, fresh look.  Contour your body by sculpting and defining your abs. Tone and firm your skin to perfection.

St. Tropez tanning products are now sold at Beauty Bridge. What better way is there to reveal your inner bronze goddess than by skipping those harmful UV rays and trying St. Tropez’s line of gradual and self-tanners? Get the glow AND keep your skin healthy. Get your face and body runway and red carpet ready with Intelligent Tan Technology. When was the last time you saw a celeb on the red carpet without full body color? Here’s a hint: NEVER! From the palest to the darkest skin, illuminating your skin and giving it that “J. Lo” glow or even just evening out your body’s skin tone and eliminating red, splotchy skin is possible with St. Tropez.  Get rid of those cool undertones that ruin your photos.

Tan faster much faster with quick dry formulas. Add color easily and adjust your color level with buildable shade options. Get a waterproof long –lasting tan. St. Tropez’s modern, advanced formulas provide subtle color lift without orange skin.
St. Tropez is always a favorite on the years’ “Best of” lists from Allure to Elle to Cosmopolitan and favorite of Kim Kardashian. It’s cost effective with so many gradual tanning options and self-tanning options. Tanning has never been easier with mousses, fine mists, oils, and gels to fit your natural tan needs.

No fake looking tans. No streaks. No orange hands. No bad smells. Safe even for your face. Strut down the runway, stroll down the red carpet, march down the aisle with beautiful healthy skin.