Mizzi Cosmetics


Founded in a Connecticut kitchen by a working mother, Mizzi Cosmetics was developed after a particularly cold winter. Tired of her children’s cracked lips – and exhausted by purchasing lip balms and salves that worked – she set out to create lip care products that healed and rejuvenated broken skin. After several months of research, LipLuxe was born.

Why Is Mizzi Cosmetics a Leader in Lip Care?

Mizzi Cosmetics refuses to use petroleum ingredients in their products, as they are oil by-products which can contain carcinogens and cause allergic reactions. Many cosmetics brands continue to use petrolatum or mineral oil, which are known to simply smother lips and skin instead of moisturizing them. While it’s deemed ‘safe’ by the FDA, makeup experts at Mizzi Cosmetics know that natural ingredients are the way of the future.

The effects of powerful essential oils and natural bases like beeswax, avocado, and apricot kernel oil provide soothing relief and fast healing times. Plus, these formulas are created for sensitive skin, meaning that everyone can enjoy the benefits of Mizzi products.

What Is Lip Scrub Used for?

If you suffer from dry, cracking skin, the whipped Mizzi lip scrub is the ideal product to start with. Formulated with vegetable oil, honey, cane sugar, and citrus oils, you’ll gently slough dead cells away to reveal gorgeous skin while penetrating skin with moisture. Follow with the Intense Therapy Luxe Lip Balm, a super-hydrating product formulated with inflammation fighting tea tree oil, soothing chamomile, and healing lavender oil. Beeswax is the most incredible natural ingredient for moisture retention and matte effect, and which makes this product the best lip balm for chapped lips. Buy both for the perfect lip scrub and balm set!

Mizzi: The Best Lip Balms out There

We love the aromatherapeutic properties of potent essential oils, and so does Mizzi. Try the Lemon & Lavender Lip Balm for its ability to zap free radicals and fight bacteria, all while providing ample moisture throughout the day. When it comes to the Honey Kiss, only the best ingredients will do for the best lip balm! Local honey is utilized for its anti-aging properties while pink grapefruit essential oil is added to stimulate circulation. We love the light shimmer, which works alone or as a base for your favorite lip color. No wonder the makeup mogul Kylie Jenner has endorsed Mizzi!

Looking for a lip plumper, but don’t want the nasty chemicals that go along with them? Try the Plumping Peppermint Lip Balm, a natural formula created with peppermint essential oil and other vegan-friendly ingredients.

We understand that everyone has different cosmetic needs, which is why the bareKiss Lip Balm was invented specifically for extremely sensitive skin. Free of perfume, beeswax, honey, mica, and almond oil, this vegan lip moisturizer is formulated with sunflower, jojoba, and avocado oils to hydrate and nourish parched skin.