Get Fresh

For spa-level treatments and self care essentials, Get Fresh has got your hands, body and tootsies covered, slathered and soaked. From TSA friendly sizes to containers that’ll satisfy the skin needs of your entire family, there’s certainly something for everyone. Even better, this incredibly affordable family brand espouses plant-based ingredients in all of its natural body care products!

Bath and Body

The goal of Get Fresh’s bath soaks is to release your mental tension while relieving your body’s tension as well. Each sachet of goodness is loaded with soy, skin-healthy natural minerals, and Dead Sea salt and clay which work to draw out contaminants. Soft, radiant skin has never been easier: just add an envelope of the relaxing Starfruit Mineral Bath Soak to hot bath water and indulge. Looking for something to invigorate the senses? The Peppermint Mineral Bath Soak wakes up the skin with a tingly sensation. Better yet, peppermint oil works to reduce oil secretion, helping to prevent acne.

Get Fresh Foot Care

At the end of any long day, it feels great to kick off your shoes. With Get Fresh foot spa lotions, creams and foot scrubs, you’ll feel more than relief: you’ll feel positively pampered. Looking to get rid of tough calluses and jagged, cracked heels? The Totally Soaked Soothing Foot Gel preps skin before the exfoliation process, softening even the driest feet. After applying and massaging into heels, arches and toes, try the Down`n Dirty Pumice Foot Scrub, which is chock full of pumice, microfine walnut shells, and super hydrating seaweed and aloe. No need for fancy pedicure tools: simply apply to a wet washcloth and get scrubbing! The third step in this footcare regimen is finding a hard-working moisturizer. This is when the Rescue Me Intensive Foot Repair Creme will work to keep feet soft and hydrated with its natural shea butter and aloe. Use this foot cream twice a week for the softest, most thankful feet imaginable.

Smelly feet are not only embarrassing, but it’s expensive to buy new shoe replacements. Get Fresh’s Knock Your Socks Off Deodorizing Foot Spray kills bacteria with witch hazel extract while natural fragrances from lavender and cucumber cover up any lingering unpleasantries. A dose of menthol extract reinvigorates even the most tired of feet with its tingling sensation. It’s the best natural deodorant for feet!

Hand Cream

Do you have cracking cuticles and dry hands? Restore hydration with the Get Fresh Grapefruit Nourishing Hand Creme, replete with all day moisture from glycerin, olive seed oil and grape seed oil. Antioxidants from tropical fruits in this hand lotion fight back signs of aging, imbuing skin with enviable radiance.


Get Fresh’s exfoliating body scrub is the favorite of so many customers because of the fresh smell and brilliant results. it leaves behind. Unlike many similar products, any Get Fresh body scrub is gentle enough to use in the shower everyday, and replenishes even the driest, dullest skin with aloe vera, glycerin, shea butter and olive seed oils. Try the Lemongrass Sugar Body Scrub for rejuvenation or the Peppermint for invigoration. After each bath or shower, it’s vital to lock in moisture with a Get Fresh body lotion or Get Fresh body butter. Grapefruit Rich Body Creme boosts hydration for up to 24 hours. The body cream contains chamomile extract,which neutralizes free radicals, sweet almond oil (which helps to prevent future acne with natural Vitamin A) and macadamia nut oil to stop water loss in its tracks. The Blackberry Vanilla Hydrating Body Butter gives winter skin a boost of suppleness with its nut oils like shea butter, cocoa butter and macadamia oil. With the consistency of whipped cream, you’ll treat your skin to a botanical concoction only otherwise found at spas.

Need a quick absorbing body oil to give your skin shimmering radiance? Lemongrass Dry Oil Body Spray contains silica, which gives instant beachgoing radiance, while liquid shea oil and algae pack a wallop of skin nutrition. Try in Blackberry Vanilla Dry Oil Body Spray for a relaxing and sumptuous experience. Don’t forget to perform a once-weekly SPA Mineral Body Mask. With advanced technology, Get Fresh has created a line of detoxifying treatments replete with calendula oil for moisture, comfrey for anti-inflammatory properties and goldenseal root to encourage skin regrowth. Dead Sea clay draws out blemish-causing bacteria, leaving only gorgeous, relaxed skin behind.

To try the entire Get Fresh body spa lines, why not start with the unique Starfruit or Lemongrass Bath and Body Renewal Kit? At the end of every busy work week, take care of your spirit and body with the mineral bath soak, body scrub and body creme. You’ll have noticeably smoother and more supple skin with only 20 minutes of “you” time. Take it, with Get Fresh products!

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