AHAVA Soap and Body Wash

Who says that refreshment can’t start as soon as you wake up? With the Deadsea Water Mineral Shower Gel, you’ll find your skin refreshed and smooth. Natural pomegranate and cherry blossom envelopes the body, while aloe vera extract calms the most irritated skin. Citrus and spice and everything nice: the AHAVA Velvet Cream Body Wash in invigorating lemon and energizing sage is an incredible blend that will awaken your senses. Carefully blended with macadamia oil and sunflower oil, you’ll love how soft and hydrated your skin feels with this shower cream. For the soap purists among us, the Deadsea Mud Purifying Mud Soap will scrub away more than just dirt and sebum secretions: this soap-free soap restores the skin’s pH balance! Naturally anti-bacterial, this exfoliating body wash is gentle enough to use on the face (and sensitive enough for every member of the family)!

AHAVA Hand Lotion

In colder months, don’t forget about your hands! These naturally-scented lotions refresh and cool, and witch hazel extract works as an anti-inflammatory moisture booster. Allantoin stimulates skin regeneration, so cracks and roughness are healed faster. The Mineral Botanic Hand Cream in lemon and sage is a refreshing blend of botanicals. Quick to absorb, the long-lasting formula smoothes the most chapped skin, and the fresh scent softly lingers throughout the day. If you’re looking for a sweeter fragrance, try the Cactus and Pink Pepper or the Mandarin and Cedarwood, with their slight spiciness and exotic fruit scents.

AHAVA Body Lotion and Moisturizer

After each shower – or simply whenever you want a hydrating pick-me-up – AHAVA dead sea lotions deliver on hydration. For dry skin treatment, reach for a bottle of the Precious Desert Oil, an intense blend of Dead Sea minerals and desert plant oils like jojoba, myrrh, and desert date. These dry oils are instantly absorbed into the skin, and impart a subtle, natural fragrance. With the spray-on Dry Oil Body Mist in Sea-Kissed, you’ll feel refreshed and renewed after the first use. Dunaliella algae protects from free radicals, sesame seed oil protects the top layers of epidermis, and jojoba seed oil softens even the roughest skin. For the deepest all-over moisture treatment, try Ahava Mineral Botanic Body Butter in Lemon and Sage. Body lotion from the Dead Sea is been famous for its ability to hydrate scaly, parched skin, and has been for centuries. Keeping in line with these traditions, Ahava mineral body lotion ingredients incorporate natural, desert-based plants and botanicals in each formula.

Face Treatments

When it comes to Ahava face cream and treatments, you can count on quality in each container. The Instant Detox Mud Mask provides tighter, plumper, more radiant results than you can imagine. The Dead Sea mud fights free radicals, and Venuceane™ increases the fight against photo-aging. Be sure to use this face mask whenever you need a pick-me-up and rejuvenation. Can’t decide which mask to use? With the AHAVA Mix and Mask Collection, you can choose from a wide variety of deep-cleansing, invigorating, moisture-boosting and hydration qualities. Just like the name suggests, these products can be mixed and matched without concern of over-drying sensitive skin or dry skin. Using incredible mineral-rich mud and pollution fighters, AHAVA Mineral Radiance is the facial mask that your skin needs. With protective, detoxifying, and hydrating attributes, this 2-minute skin repair treatment will leave your face more radiant than ever. All you need for clinically-proven effects is two drops of Time To Revitalize Extreme Night Treatment and regular night’s sleep. This product is chock full of antioxidants and botanicals that increase cellular turnover, and decrease fine lines and wrinkles. Refresh your skin today!


When it comes to anti-aging products, AHAVA believes that the best ingredients produce the greatest results. With the Beauty Before Age Uplift Night Cream, restore, tighten, and lift the delicate skin of your neck and décolleté – all while you sleep! With regular use of the Beauty Before Age Uplift Day Cream SPF 20, you can count on SPF 20 broad spectrum sun protection, hydration infusion, and skin tightening. Say ‘goodbye’ to fine lines and sagging skin and ‘hello’ to plumper, more radiant skin tone. The eyes have a different skin structure, and deserve their own product. This is where the Age Control Brightening And Anti-Fatigue Eye Cream comes in. Each morning and evening, use your ring fingers to lightly pat a pea-sized amount of this formula around the eyes. You’ll see a dramatic reduction in dark circles, crow’s feet, and puffiness around the eyes. Finally, by using the Dead Sea Crystal Osmoter X6 Facial Serum, you’ll have an all-over serum that produces healthy skin with daily use. This product was created as face care for dry skin that’s bombarded by UV rays and free radicals. Simply apply to the face and neck each morning and evening, following with your favorite AHAVA face lotion. You’ll notice deep wrinkles diminished and increased elasticity!

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