Amino Mason

Amino Mason trendless jars contain everything you need for healthy hair. With upwards of 16 different amino acids paired with incredibly hydrating natural ingredients like honey, keratin, and collagen, your hair will have unparalleled resilience and strength. Amino Mason products are paraben-free, sulfate-free, mineral oil-free, and devoid of any petroleum and synthetic materials.

Smoothing Hair Treatments

Amino Mason Smooth hair treatments are made especially for dry, damaged hair, as well as thin or thinning hair. Replenishing amino acids is key to reverse the effects of styling tools. With the Smooth Hair Water, you’ll seal cuticles, prevent frizzy flyaways, and get heat protection from your daily hair iron or hair straightening routine. The use of honey, rosemary, and lavender give this damaged hair treatment a luxurious scent, too!

Need a shampoo for oily hair? Reach for the Smooth Whip Cream Shampoo, an incredible blend of botanicals and plant oils that cleanse without overdrying. It doesn’t matter whether you’ve got oily or dry hair, conditioner is an essential part of keeping your locks lovely. The Smooth Oil Cream Hair Mask Pack is a condensed formula that deeply penetrates the cuticle, enveloping damaged hair in a nutrient-rich cream. Try the Smooth Fruits Cream Treatment for a lighter finish (thanks to the vitamin-C in lemon and raspberry extracts). Your tresses won’t be weighed down by heavy oils, and you’ll love how bouncy they are after your shower each day.

Moisturizing Hair Treatments

The best products for curly hair are ones that reinfuse moisture and natural oils back into tendrils. Take the Amino Mason Moist Night Cream, for example: The white rose-scented dry hair treatment can be applied before bedtime, removing the morning stress of bed head and protecting against hair tools. Need a quick pick-me-up throughout the day? The Amino Mason Hair Oil can be used on wet or dry hair, and the formula fights frizz and smooths split ends. If you’re seeking a shampoo for dry hair that imparts softness and manageability, reach for the Moist Whip Cream Shampoo, a super-foaming cleanser that keeps your scalp healthy. Follow up with the Moist Milk Cream Treatment, the best shampoo and conditioner combo out there.