The popularity of makeup sponges has exploded over the last few years, and it’s all because of Beautyblender, the original reusable silicone beauty blender and one of the top cosmetics brands out there today. Not only is it non-latex and allergy-friendly, but the material gives wearers and airbrushed look with an even application. Beautyblenders’ unique egg shape allows for seamless application, and the ‘open cell’ structure means that makeup sits only on the surface of the tool. We’ve heard both sides of the ‘beauty blender vs. brush’ debate, but we’re siding with these pink blenders: you just won’t find better coverage anywhere! Even better: Beautyblender products are manufactured in the United States!

How to Use a Beautyblender

Wet the applicator before use. And we mean really get it soaking wet and squeeze out all the excess water you can. You’ll notice that it’ll double in size when wet (don’t worry: it’ll shrink when it dries). Next, lightly dip your Beautyblender in your makeup of choice. It’s important to remember that a little makeup goes a long way! Rather than wiping makeup into your skin, pat concealer over the skin’s surface using the applicator. It’s the best way to apply foundation! The Original Beautyblender is a great multi-purpose tool for foundations and concealers, as well as highlighters. While brushes can dry out dehydrated skin, the silicone material is light and moisture-loving, which keeps skin from drying out. Plus, the trademark pointed tip provides access to every inch of your face. Formulated with the exact same materials as the original and mini Beautyblenders, the Chill Blender is a fantastic way to shake up your morning routine. Everyone has the pink makeup blender in their makeup arsenal, but the gorgeous aqua color elevates the senses just a bit more. Think of your Beautyblender like a pair of blue jeans: the non-toxic, water-soluble dyes may bleed slightly during the first few washes, but this won’t transfer to your makeup container – or your flawless look.

Beautyblender Pro

This is--without a doubt--the beauty blender sponge that professional makeup artists use for darker-toned products. You’ll get a flawless, smooth complexion with your favorite long-wear foundations, and an even application from any of your self-tanners. If you’re looking to purchase the Pro Beautyblender and a Solid mini why not get them as a set? Maybe you want to shake things up a bit with your Beautyblender colors. Why not try the Red.Carpet showstopper, or the Beautyblender Nude, which is perfect for the trendiest natural nudes. You’ll get an even application each time you stipple on foundations and contouring cremes with this blending sponge. The #IWokeUpThisWay look will be yours with such little effort!

Highlighting and Contouring

With brushes and fingertips, it’s so easy to apply too much blush, and even harder to remove it without completely starting over. With the Beauty.Blusher, you’ll get a seamless swathe of color on the apples of your cheeks. Whether powder- or cream-based, your perfectly-sized Beautyblender will deliver undetectable blush every single time. And if you add too much? Use a dry Beautyblender to lightly erase without timely reapplication for the perfect face! Our highlighting and contouring wishes have finally been answered: the Micro.Mini blenders are finally here! 25% smaller than the Original Beautyblender, these sponges get into every crease and corner of your face for brow shaping and nose contouring.


The eyes certainly have it, and if you struggle with a cat lash, the Liner.Designer has got you covered. The flexible, triangular eyeliner guide not only steadies your drawing hand, but it sticks to your eye area once warmed up, in order to free up both hands. This guarantees a balanced application every time. You can use this genius tool with any of your eyeliners, eyeshadows, liquids, and felt tip markers. The Liner.Designer tool can even be used for applying mascara without any black flakes or mess-ups to your final creation! Try the three different angles and shapes for a new look in no time at all.


For those of us who use body makeup, sunless tanner, the Bodyblender will give you all-over coverage without streaks. The silicone makeup sponge fits comfortably in your hand and moves easily along the curvature of your body. Be confident in your flawless look, knowing that your tattoos, birthmarks, and embarrassing skin marks are covered perfectly each and every time.

Tools and Applicators

The back of your hand is a go-to for mixing concealers and highlighters, but what if we told you we had something better and more sanitary? Sur.face Simple is a professional palette that comes with its own magic, scratch-proof wand and Beautyblender case. No matter whether you’re looking to lighten or darken your liquid foundation, use this surface. Not only does this product keep your foundation moist longer, but it’s also travel-friendly! Ensure that it’s closed tightly, and you’ll be ready for any and all future touch-ups!


If you’re the kind of person who still uses blotting papers (or worse: toilet seat covers), we’ve got a product that will change your makeup forever: The Blotterazzi offers two pink, reusable, washable pads that absorb distracting oil without messing up your look. Small, travel-friendly, and easy-to-use, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t have this compact in your makeup arsenal! Pink not your thing? Try the Blotterazzi Pro in black for the best long-lasting foundation coverage!

How to Clean Your Beauty Blender

Just like brushes, the Beautyblender needs to be washed regularly to keep it free from skin oils, dirt, and other nasties. Because these products are made from antimicrobial foam, these makeup applicators are easily washable and reusable for years, especially when they’re cleaned with the Beautyblender cleansers (made especially for them). We cannot say enough things about the Blendercleanser Solid Pro, with its ability to clean all Beautyblenders and makeup brushes, regardless of the brand. Washing a few blenders at once? Not a problem! This product is big enough for you to throw a few in at once! Inside, you’ll find a large silicone scrubbing pad, as well as a place to dry your brushes and blenders. From makeup professionals to personal users, the company has thought about inclusivity. Can’t get the makeup stains out of your Beautyblenders? Soak them in a tiny amount of Liquid Blendercleanser. The natural sea salt and purified water base is free from strong chemicals, and you’ll have amazingly clean applicators in no time!

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