Delga s.r.o. is a manufacturer of original cosmetics and dietary supplements based in the heart of Europe - the Czech Republic. We specialize in development of skin care products that are suitable even for very sensitive and atopic skin. In order to provide the best for your skin we work closely with experienced dermatologists and use the latest manufacturing technologies.

Our main goal is to bring what the market is lacking. Skin of every human being is different and deserves special care. The most important for its wellbeing is to find a matching product. It can become challenging, if the skin is sensitive or suffers from dermatological disease because it makes the majority of common cosmetics unsuitable. That´s why more hypoallergenic brands are needed - to give people chance to find the right treatment for their skin.

Less is usually more therefore we decided to rely on simplicity. We picked the high-quality natural ingredients and gave them a form, which is easy and fun to use. Now we want to share #CosmeticsWithSimplicity with you.