beets & blush

beets and blush is a woman-owned and operated company that was created by entrepreneur, graduate school student and vegan blogger, Mary Papadimos. beets and blush wants to transform people's makeup and skincare routines into a wholesome, nourishing, clean & sustainable experience. After starting graduate school, Mary began to craft non-toxic, vegan, cruelty-free and gluten-free products that every woman would love.

beets & blush cosmetics will change how you feel about your beauty products. Don't settle for anything less than what you deserve, and you only deserve the best. Real, simple, natural and safe is what beets and blush will always stand by. 

beet balm lip conditioner

beet balm is not any ordinary lip conditioner. Its pigment is solely powered by beets, meaning it’s completely dye-free. beet balm is nourishing, hydrating and perfect for any occasion. The coverage is light and will give your lips a beautiful, subtle rosy glow.


amalia lipstick

amalia lipstick is a gorgeous nude shade with pink and brown tones that is perfect for any occasion. Wear it to work, for night out with friends & even the gym. It's truly the ultimate lip color!

alexia lipstick

alexia lipstick gives you a stunning coral pop of color for that wow factor. It's still subtle enough to wear all day long but makes a perfect evening shade.

athena cream blush

athena cream blush is as natural and luxurious as blush can be. You can control the coverage by adding less or more. Since it's cream based, the blush won't sit in fine lines and wrinkles the way powder blush does. athena is extra special because it’s perfect for all skin tones and types.

glowing facial ládi

Glow like a goddess with glowing facial ládi. Moisturizing, nourishing & packed with anti-inflammatory fatty acids and vitamins, this facial oil will become your new go-to that you can't live without. It's best to apply at night before bed to your face and neck.

  • beets & blush - Amalia Lipstick

    beets & blush

    Amalia Lipstick

    • color-family: Nude
    • color-family: Pink
    • color-family: Brown
    • local-sku: NBEB000002S00
    • Brand Product Type: DRSH
    • Cost Margin: 1.25
    • Color Family: Nude
    • Color Family: Pink
    • Color Family: Brown
    • ingredients: Avocado Oil
    • ingredients: Shea Butter
    • ingredients: Castor Oil
    • ingredients: Sunflower Oil
    • ingredients: Jojoba
    • ingredients: Tocopherol
    • ingredients: Mica
    • ingredients: Titanium Dioxide
    • preferences: Certified Cruelty-Free
    • preferences: Vegan-Friendly
    • preferences: Gluten-Free
    • preferences: Parabens-Free
    • product title: Amalia Lipstick
    • product-type: Lipstick