Moehair’s flagship store is located in Placentia Ca.

Manufactiring 95% of their products onsite, using local resources, vetted vendors, and premium raw materials, Moehair is able to pay close attention to quality control, ensuring that every product is at peak performance.

From packaging to labeling, from pumps to facilities, none of the production of Moehair’s Aftercare, Smoothing Systems, or Accessories are outsourced, all made in the US, from concept through creation.

Every hair product Moehair produces is innovated in-house, with a team of experts that take great pride in the products they produce, resulting in the most superior product available.

Countless hours of research are put into locating the highest quality ingredients at the lowest price point.

The Moehair team not only do product research and testing but also hits the pavement every week to help educate and update salon professionals on the innovative products they are creating.

Between their rigorous schedule education, our Artistic Educators maintain a regular schedule of conventions, photoshoots, and backstage industry events.

It is tedious work, but it remains a vital step in maintaining the integrity of Moehair’s ultimate mission; to make quality products accessible to salon professionals, inspire artistry through innovation and empower through education.