Mademoiselle Provence

Bonjour! Mademoiselle Provence was made based off of co-founder, Chloé Mortaud’s, personal life story. After being crowned Miss France 2009, Chloé, a French Afro-American, found herself living in the states. Upon her arrival, people began to inquire about her French beauty secrets. She realized that there was something here that could be done. Her goal was then to first, bring affordable, quality, and natural French beauty to all, and second, to give her son a strong example that mom/women entrepreneurs are a force to be reckoned with. Mademoiselle Provence has now grown into a thriving Indie brand fueled by a diverse all-women team. All products are natural, cruelty free, vegan and made in France. Promising the French expertise and touch without the price tag.

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