Capuli Edible Fruit Tea

Capuli Edible Fruit Teas is a Mother-daughter owned and operated business.

We craft healthy, sustainable, and beautiful Edible Fruit Teas with the mission to share simple moments of health, beauty, and self-care with as many people as we can.

Our Edible Fruit Teas are the perfect way to enjoy a slightly lavish experience on the go. They are teas designed to be naturally sweetened by whole pieces of delicious dehydrated fruits that rehydrate when steeped.

Our teas are sustainable, no-added anything, delicious and authentic. They contain 2x the amount of fruit than the USDA definition of 100% fruit juice.

Our flavors are delicious and range from Apple pie to Pear Cider to a wonderful lavender-infused nightcap. They set the stage for a warm and comfortable experience with the simplicity of a cup.