BOHEME is an all is an Ayurvedic Herbal Care Company.  Launched in November of 2016, Boheme's first product Our Organic Hair Growth Supplement  is the number 1 selling product in the store! The first of its kind ALL Herbal Hair Growth Supplement, NO fillers, NO additives, NO "Engineered factory made vitamins and minerals or chemicals!  It only contains herbs which are Ayurvedic from the earth. " Lets get real! All vitamins come from our fruits vegetables and herbs.  Unlike our competitors that use a "MIX" of herbs with other man made vitamins factory comprised, Boheme promises to deliver ALL HERBAL hair growth supplements  Free of added fillers and chemicals like Biotin.  Biotin  "man made" will grow your hair rapidly when taken in large doses, but then strip your hair and thin it out over time, all while breaking out your skin causing acne.  Boheme has NO side effects because it is natural.  It will also make your hair grow thicker and stronger than ever before.  

Boheme is ideal for Women, Men, and Children.  Whether you want an added boost of length, thickness, or volume, or you are suffering from hair loss or hair thinning, Boheme Hair Growth Supplements are Ideal.


WE use all natural AYURVEDIC herbs that have been known to possess properties that naturally make the hair grow thick healthy and strong!  The difference in BOHEME and other hair growth products is that most hair products are topical, which means they are applied directly to the hair.  Boheme focuses on using all ORGANIC herbs you can take both orally and topically to help your hair grow longer stronger and healthier from the inside out. 


What also makes Boheme different and unique is the use of herbs "Ayurvedic" which are popular in Eastern cultures vs Vitamins and Minerals which are commonly used here in the USA and in Western culture.  Eastern herbs and medicine are used for a number of techniques that have been known to heal and cure the body, and Boheme specializes in using a number of herbs to not only grow your hair but stimulate the follicles and take your hair out of what is called a "resting pattern" safely and all naturally.  So give it a try! All of our products are safe and all natural, there are no chemicals and no side effects and most importantly all the herbs are good for your totality of health, but especially for hair growth and hair revitalization!
  • Boheme

    Herbal Deep Conditioning Mask

    • product title: Herbal Deep Conditioning Mask
    • product-type: Conditioners
    • concern: Dandruff & Oily Scalp
    • concern: Split Ends
    • concern: Thin, Limp & Fine Hair
    • product-type: Hair Loss Treatment
    • hair-type: Thin Hair
    • hair-type: Normal
    • preference: Organic
    • preference: Natural
    • local-sku: NBOH000001S00
  • Boheme

    Boheme Hair Growth Supplement

    • product title: Boheme Hair Growth Supplement
    • product-type: Supplements
    • product-type: Hair Loss Treatment
    • concern: Thin, Limp & Fine Hair
    • preference: Natural
    • preference: Vegan-Friendly
    • preference: Organic
    • local-sku: NBOH000002S00