B. Kamins Chemist - Nia-Stem Kx Starter Kit

B. Kamins Chemist - Nia-Stem Kx Starter Kit

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    Kit includes: 

    Vegetable Cleanser (60 ml / 2 fl.oz)

    A gentle foaming cleanser perfect for even very sensitive skin and to remove eye makeup. Vegetable glycerides, instead of synthetic emulsifiers. Fragrance-free, Oil-free, no SLS or dyes.

    Brightening Mask Kx  (15 g / 0.5 oz)

    Brighten skin by exfoliating and targeting pigment. Draw impurities out of the skin. Immediately firming, brightening, and lightening. Perfect for any anti-aging skin regimen. Glycolic acid / Kojic acid / Vitamin C / Vitamin A / Peptides. 

    Nia-Stem Serum Kx  (6 g / 0.21 oz)

    Day or Night. Niacin plus heart leaf globe daisy plant stem cells. One-two punch for targeting pigmentation. Stimulates elastin, skin elasticity.

    Nia-Stem Moisturizer Kx  (15 ml / 0.5 fl.oz)

    Niacin brings more oxygen and radiance. Plant stem cells mildly stimulate the skin to become less blotchy over time. Reduces dark spots and pigment.

    Ingredients: Please see individual item.


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