A FDA Asean and Halal certified handcrafted Soap and Serum made with real South Sea pearl powder from our OWN Palawan Pearl farms. HSA Singapore Certification- High Grade South Sea Pearl Powder

For All Types of Skin

FAST FACTS: Helps stimulate skin’ s fibroblast cells, which work to synthesize collagen with real South Sea Pearl powder; cleans, heals, and rejuvenates; contains at least 30 trace minerals, including calcium, iron, copper, magnesium, silica, and selenium; helps you achieve a healthy, more youthful, and glowing complexion

  • Pinctada - Pinctada South Sea Pearl Serum


    Pinctada South Sea Pearl Serum

    • product title: Pinctada South Sea Pearl Serum
    • product-type: Anti-Aging
    • product-type: Serums
    • concern: Dull Complexion
    • concern: Wrinkles & Fine Lines
    • ingredients: Pearl Powder
    • ingredients: Tocopherol
    • ingredients: Green Tea
    • preference: Minerals
    • preference: Natural
    • skin-type: Acne Prone
    • skin-type: Dry
    • skin-type: Normal
    • skin-type: Sensitive
    • skin-type: Combination
    • skin-type: Oily
    • skin-type: Mature
    • local-sku: NPIN000001S00
    • Brand Product Type: CONS