AP Brand (Aztec Premium) is a vertically integrated company based in Seattle that specializes in unique calcium bentonite based solutions with the WORLD'S SMALLEST CARBON FOOTPRINT.

AP zigs where others zag.  If you spend enough time in stores researching products and talking to customers like we do, you quickly realize that EVERY OTHER hydrated mask on the market is made with some kind of witches brew of chemicals and preservatives, which are exactly the types of ingredients that discerning customers are trying to avoid.  AP is THE SOLUTION with our FIRST AND ONLY, hydrated calcium bentonite clay face and body mask, MADE WITHOUT ANY CHEMICALS OR PRESERVATIVES, that is also sterilized to FD&C guidelines for bacteria, mold and yeast harmful to humans. Our 100% natural and organic face mask is importantly made right here in the USA, with materials sourced from the Mojave Desert. Did you know that calcium bentonite is better than sodium bentonite or activated charcoal for naturally removing oil, impurities and dirt from pores and importantly doesn't dry out your skin? Yep, we got you covered (pun intended). Our unique, mess free, patented packaging also offers the ultimate convenience at home or on the road, and you can even bring the individual packets with you on your next flight.

While striving to put smiles on faces everywhere, we are also trying to make the world a better place, and so we donate a percentage of our profits to charitable organizations and social justice programs.

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