Ahalo Butter

Ahalo Butter

Are dull, lifeless locks getting you down? Is dry weather wreaking havoc on your skin? Are you searching for effective bath and body products that are sourced from natural plants and botanicals (not parabens or lauryl sulfates)? Your search is over: With Ahalo Butter’s vegan skin care, all skin and hair types will benefit from these formulas derived from fruit and plant butters like shea, cacao, and jojoba. When combined, they create the richest bath and body products on the planet.

Bath and Body Products

We love the rich scent that Ahalo created with its Classic Floral Body Soap. With a soothing combination of rosemary (to protect against sun damage), tea leaf (for its antioxidants), and chamomile and aloe vera (to soothe). Start your day with a subtle bouquet of marigold, linden, and tangerine peel. Looking for a more classic floral scent from your shower gel? Rose extract is known to benefit all skin types by preventing blemishes, reducing redness, and soothing even the most irritated skin. The Sweet Rose Body Soap’s perfect balance of raw, plant-based collagen, camellia extract, and sweet almond oils cleanse and protect. This is a fantastic body wash for dry skin.

Natural Hair Products

Who doesn’t love the restorative benefits that hair masks provide? With the Hawaiian Organic Rich Gloss Hair Mask, you’ll find that even the most damaged hair sees supple results. All you need is a few minutes, damp hair, and this awesome hair treatment. The Rich Moist Hair Mask manages frizzy tresses by infusing them with sunflower seed oil and honey, leaving you with healthy hair.

If it’s your scalp that’s giving you problems, try the Ahalo Premium Scalp Hair Mask, imported from Japan. Smothering your roots with super-hydrating plant butters improves hair growth and decreases hair breakage! Ahalo Butter shampoo (like the Hawaii Premium Scalp Shampoo) creates an incredible lather that scrubs away oil and grime while imparting dry hair with the moisture that it needs. If you’re looking for the most potent hair mask in the game, reach for the Rich Moist Concentrated Hair Pack. Formulated with six different plant butters and more than ten types of nut and seed oils, you’ll have a hard time finding better hair care.

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