KC Shave Co.

The men’s grooming industry has taken off in recent years, thanks to the increased demand for high-quality shaving products and luxury barber shops. Owners and founders Mike Knopke and Joe Henderson determined that an in-house straight razor shave was something that every man deserved at home, too. With zero fads, no razor burn, and incredible results, this self-made company has done it all on their terms. Try out KC Shave Co. and see why other men have made the switch!

KC Shave Co. Shaving Products

Exclusively formulated for the company, the KC Shave Co. Mahogany Pre-Shave Oil provides ample lubrication and a seamless glide across even the most sensitive of skin. After your morning shower, lightly dry your face and warm a dime-sized amount of the shaving oil in your palms. Apply to the area you intend to move a men’s straight razor or safety razor across, and work the product into your stubble to prime skin and remove the risk of nicking yourself.

Next, be sure to follow with a lathering product, like the Polished Mahogany Shave Soap. A hard shaving soap like this requires your brush to be soaked in water and repeatedly swirled across the soap’s surface. Many men prefer a soft shaving soap like KC Shave Co.’s as it’s much easier to produce a lather, especially when using a high-quality boar or badger shaving brush. Stubble and beard hair is softened with regular use of shaving soap, making a shave closer, smoother, and easier than ever. There’s a lot of value in using a shaving soap, too, especially when it comes to the environment. Instead of pressurized cans of shaving cream that are difficult to recycle, loaded with chemicals, and run out quickly, a wet shaving soap can last for half a year! We love the delicate yet masculine scent of the Mahogany Soap, but for something less woodsy, try the KC Shave Vanilla Bean Bourbon Shave Soap. The light aroma of cardamom, applewood, and bergamot lingers throughout the day without being overpowering.

The Vanilla Bean Bourbon Beard Oil is one of our favorite beard grooming products out there, and any man who prides themselves on their facial hair-growing capabilities should invest in it. Not only does the regular use of this product infuse moisture deep into the follicles (to take care of “the itch”), but it also takes care of any flaky skin that can occur with longer hair. The rich oils of bergamot, clove, and oak cask blend perfectly with vanilla and bourbon, making this beard oil remarkable and sophisticated. The need for aftershave has fallen by the wayside, thanks to the KC Shave Co.’s Solid Cologne. Instead of a bulky bottle, this fresh-smelling cologne for men is packed in a travel-friendly tin. Simply warm it up with a fingertip and apply it anywhere for a enticing clean scent.

Men’s Shaving Sets

You’ll obviously get the best value when you purchase a shaving kit that contains everything you need for a close shave. Maybe you prefer your own favorite razor, and there’s nothing wrong with that! KC Shave Co. has developed the Charles Essential Shaving Kit, a two-piece shaving kit for men that includes the super-soft badger brush that creates an unbelievable lather with the included shaving soap.

If you prefer the super-close, zero stubble look, the Noah Safety Razor Kit For the Clean Shaven Man is your best bet. Compiled in this men’s shaving kit is the Mahogany Shave Soap, badger shaving brush, and the wildly-popular black resin safety razor. Easy to open, replace, and use, this heavy-weighted product provides you all the angles you need with minimal drag. Maybe you’re looking for a chrome-plated safety razor (you know, the kind your grandfather used). If so, reach for the Dylan Timeless Safety Razor Kit. Combining the classic aesthetic of the safety razor with the badger hair brush and Mahogany Shave Soap in one kit, you’ll love getting ready in the morning.

Keeping your bathroom counter clean can be a real undertaking, but the Jacob Safety Razor Kit includes the same three products as the Dylan Kit, but it also includes a stainless steel holder for your brush and razor. This makes the perfect gift for that special man in your life! The Bruno Safety Razor Kit is the same as the Jacob, but with a chrome razor that will stand the test of time.