With help from the world’s finest dermatologists, Exuviance provides a wide range of quality skin evening products. Founders of Exuviance, Dr. Van Scott and Dr. Yu, were also the creators and original patent owners of the first glycolic peel. The peel removes the skin’s top layer and stimulates the production of new proteins like collagen and elastin. The result is better, smoother and more nurtured skin. Dr. Van Scott and Dr. Yu are also credited for their discovery of the rejuvenating effects of Bionic Acids, Polyhydroxy, and Alphahydroxy.

Exuviance products were designed to correct the visible signs of aging. Worry not, because all the ingredients used in the products have been clinically tested. The skin care products items are known for improving the overall texture and tone of your skin while adding firmness and flexibility to it. They also boost your skin’s natural ability to maintain moisture. Aside from that, they unblock and cleanse your pores. They significantly reduce wrinkles, age spots, and fine lines. Best of all, they help in dealing with acne-prone skin, oily skin, and dry skin.

Exuviance Age Reverse

Exuviance Age Reverse products are a must-buy. The key ingredients of these items include Aminofil, NeoGlucosamine, and Vitamin C Antioxidant.

Acetyl Tyrosinamide, or simply ‘Aminofil’, is an amino acid compound that prompts the production of substances like the collagen and hyaluronic acid (often referred to as “The Fountain of Youth”). These substances are responsible for making the skin hydrated and supple. Aminofil also provides enhancement in the volume and firmness of the skin, causing the reduced appearance of wrinkles, fine lines, and dark spots. This also helps manage sagging skin.

Another key substance is NeoGlucosamine. The skin has this natural process of cell turnover called desquamation.During this process, dead skin cells are exfoliated and are eventually replaced with new ones. With this non-acid amino sugar technology, the skin is prompted and encouraged to exfoliate and produce newer cells – contributing to the diminished visibility of certain signs of aging. NeoGlucosamine also smoothes the skin and removes acnes.

Slowing down some specific processes that cause damage to cells, Vitamin C serves as an excellent antioxidant. Not only does it fight against harmful free radicals, but it also aids the preservation of healthy, glowing skin. Physical effects of this ingredient include reduced dark spots and even skin tone.

Exuviance Foundation

Another product worth every cent is Exuviance Foundation. Its most important ingredients of are Polyhydroxy Acid Gluconolactone and Titanium Dioxide.

The primary goal of the Polyhydroxy Acid Gluconolactone is to provide full-on anti-aging benefits without side effects like skin irritation and redness. It also optimizes the function of the skin barrier by decreasing sensitivity over time. Gluconolactone also has the power to repair dry skin and replenish it with moisture. It also builds a “barrier” so that the moisture already present in the skin will not evaporate immediately. Further, it helps optimize skin cell turnover or the process of producing new skin cells.

Titanium Dioxide might be a familiar compound because it is usually found in sunscreen products. Exuviance has made sure to put this ingredient in their foundation to protect the skin from the harmful effects of the sun.

Exuviance Skin Evening Products

Exuviance Age Reverse Night Lift contains Peptides, AHA/PHA Bionics, and Broad Spectrum Antioxidant Complex which help improve the skin’s texture, targeting sagging skin and wrinkles. The skin naturally observes a nighttime repair cycle and the Exuviance age reverse product intensifies this cycle. Exuviance Skin Evening products makes the skin firmer by reducing fine lines and restoring the youthful appearance of the skin through its lifting and plumping powers.

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    Exuviance - Skin Caring Foundations SPF 15

    • product title: Skin Caring Foundations SPF 15
    • product-type: Liquid Foundation
    • product-type: Moisturizers
    • product-type: Sunscreen for Face
    • concern: Sunburn & Sun Damage
    • concern: Wrinkles & Fine Lines
    • spf: 15 and lower
    • freedom: true
    • skin-type: Acne Prone
    • skin-type: Combination
    • skin-type: Dry
    • skin-type: Mature
    • skin-type: Normal
    • skin-type: Oily
    • skin-type: Sensitive
    • preference: Oil-Free
    • collection: Skin Caring
    • ingredients: Dimethicone
    • ingredients: Glycerin
    • ingredients: Vitamin E
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