People simply don’t spend enough time pursuing their 8 glasses a day, and for most people, getting enough water each day can be a real struggle. It’s common knowledge in the beauty world, however, that proper hydration is the best beauty secret. Even if you spend all of the money in the world on skin treatments, lip balms, and moisturizers, you might still suffer from disorders like acne, psoriasis, dermatitis, and even premature aging.

Tal Winter and Kate Cutler understand the importance of consuming enough water, and agree that adequate hydration can help keep anyone younger and more radiant. Before founding bkr, they realized that drinking out of cheap and disposable plastic bottles was both highly wasteful, super unglamorous, and harmful to their health due to BPA.

What is BPA?

Since the 1950s, BPA has been used to strengthen many plastics. Non-industry studies show that BPA has a similar structure to estrogen, and may affect body functionality. While more research needs to be done to wholly understand BPA effects, many western countries have already limited – or even banned – BPA products.

Why Is bkr the Best Water Bottle?

Since starting bkr, they’ve found that there’s no limit to people asking for soft, gorgeous, personalized water bottles. bkr bottles continue to evolve with the latest world runway trends, and fashion industry elites have been quick to snatch up the limited edition collections from this water bottle brand.

Reusable glass bottles made by bkr are totally BPA-free, and emphasize customer usability. Each bkr water bottle leak-proof and spill-free, thanks to its excellent screw-top lid. What’s more, the silicone sleeves actually make it an insulated water bottle, too, which keeps your drinks super cold, even on a hot summer day.

How Do You Choose the Right Bottle?

Short answer: there isn’t just ‘one’ bottle for the bkr user. Whether you’re looking for large or small glass containers, the wide range of sizes create an almost endless customization opportunities! Keep one at the office, your car, at the gym, and at home.

And – when you need to wash mybkr glass drinking bottles – simply pop them in your dishwasher. Change your silicone cover whenever you want to match your bottle to your gorgeous outfit or your current mood. Whether you pick a cute pink water bottle or a fun textured cover, it couldn’t be easier to look more stylish or eco-conscious!

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