Beau Brummell

Beau Brummel for Men was inspired by a real-life 19th century English gentleman who revolutionized men’s grooming. Brummel is credited for ushering in the era of tailored suits, daily shaves, and the popularization of men’s colognes and eau de toilettes.

Founded in 2013, Beau Brummel was started by two brothers with the dream of taking the men’s skincare and grooming industry by storm. Each skin care and shaving product is meticulously researched and formulated for the modern gentleman who takes his personal appearance seriously. This attention to detail is why Beau Brummel has become a major leader in the men’s style industry.

Hand and Foot Care

It’s not secret that men need hand and foot care products that slough off calluses without stripping skin of its necessary moisture. With the Walnut Hand & Foot Scrub, daily exfoliation removes surface dirt and dead skin, revealing handsome skin beneath. Pulverized walnut powder is carefully balanced with coconut oil and cocoa butter to rejuvenate incredible skin. Tea tree oil is an excellent additional ingredient that acts as an antiseptic, promoting healthy cellular turnover. During colder months – or after a particularly harsh project – hands may be cracked and rough. Take care of your digits with the Hand Repair Lotion without undesirable greasiness. Shea butter, avocado oil and glycerin are balanced in every batch to provide the perfect amount of hydration. The light grey color comes from activated charcoal, which draws out impurities and leaves you with perfect, handsome hands.

Men’s Face Care

You’re going to love The Gentlemen's Face Wash if you experience any of the following: acne, dull skin, fine lines, dryness. If you’re a regular shaver, the rosemary oil works as a natural antiseptic while a healthy dose of glycerin works to infuse skin with incredible hydration. A dash of caffeine also helps to reduce redness caused by razor burn and sunburn. This is the best face wash for men who want to give their face the helpful boost it needs. In addition to being a relaxing part of your day, face masks are a hugely important part of skincare. By using The Gentlemen's Facial Mask a few days each week, you’ll find that your skin will be far softer and more supple, which will not only gain you compliments, but will also encourage a more satisfying shaving experience. Activated charcoal pulls toxins from pores while kaolin clay absorbs excess oil, and reduces fine lines with continued use. This face mask for men is a great regular acne treatment to include in your bathroom cupboard.

You can find walnut shells in most face scrubs, but can you also find sturdy yet gentle bamboo fibers in yours? We didn’t think so! Once a week, reach for Beau Brummel Facial Scrub when you want to get extra clean but need to care for sensitive skin. The peppermint and menthol oils within will leave you feeling extra refreshed and soothed. With lack of moisture listed as the number one cause of dehydration, sure to finish your skin care routine with the Beau Brummel Moisturizer. This super lightweight face cream for men contains good-for-you argan oil, which acts as an acne treatment and UV-protector in one! Say ‘goodbye’ to flaky skin and blackheads: this facial moisturizer is the icing on the cake.

Men’s Shaving Products

The modern gentleman needs men’s shaving products he can count on to provide a smoother, easier grooming experience. The Gentlemen's Shaving Cream provides an incredibly rich lather that focuses on the smoothest post-shave face ever. Nourished with argan oil and glycerin, and lightly scented with sandalwood, you won’t have those annoying red bumps again. Paraben-free skincare you can count on! Clearly, the best shaving products also include the The Beau Brummel Shaving Brush. This badger hair shave brush builds lather effortlessly, and helps to lift facial hair upwards, improving your wet shaving experience tenfold. Get the most out of your daily grooming routine by going with a soft bristle brush that’ll last a lifetime. Going for the rugged lumberjack look? Be sure to use a beard oil that manages unruly beard hair. All it takes to soften your beard and the skin beneath is 3-6 drops of the Beau Brummel Cedarwood Beard Oil Conditioner. Simply warm in your hands and apply evenly for a glossy coat and masculine (but not overpowering) aroma. Whether you stay polished or rugged, you’ll always stay handsome with Beau Brummel shaving products!

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