N o 9 Bask - 99 Percent Pure for Women (1.05 oz.) Glass Bottle Spray - White Label


    Pheromone Perfume by N o 9 BASK consists of 99% pure human sexual pheromones that only attract, seduce and entice the opposite sex. Odorless and undetectable our Pheromone Perfume spray is a world class and real life modern day love formula scientifically designed for women wanting to aggressively attract any man. Pheromone Perfume offers the highest concentration of the most pure human sexual pheromones for women ever made.

    Pheromone Perfume by N o 9 BASK is a phenomenon in the art of attraction and seduction. There is nothing finer. To be used sparingly.

    Net Weight: 1.05 oz.

    Alcohol Denat., Fragrance, Water.
    Use sparingly 1 spray.
    Product Type: Perfumes